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A recipe so easy, my 11-year-old daughter made this all by herself. Granted, it was made easier by having the hot sauce mix ready to go. We used a Cookie’s buffalo sauce mix from the store, which basically means the butter/oil and hot sauce was already mixed for us. You can usually find these mixes at the store, along side the Tabasco sauce (as in the “real” hot sauces) or with the marinades. Sometimes these sections are together, depending on how your local store is set up.

I loved how easy this was for her, and how only minimal supervision was required. Mostly I was there ONLY to remind her to wash her hands after touching the sauce or raw chicken. You know how kids are. 😉

The first step was dumping both wings and sauce in a bow, tossing them gently. If you have kids wanting to help, make sure they toss it gently enough so that it only covers the chicken wings and not the counter! See how my daughter coated her chicken without any help:

chicken wings and hot sauce

Next, grease a pan with butter or cooking spray. Put the wings in the pan in a single layer and bake at 400*. Just to make sure she had the wings completely coated, I gave her a basting brush to get the spots she didn’t completely toss.

Hot wings in oven

After 20-25 minutes, the wings will need to be flipped and re-coated with the sauce. Bake for another 25 minutes or until chicken is fully cooked. The wings will loose some of the bright spicy color, but instead will be baked into the chicken. Serve your wings with ranch or blue cheese, depending on your family’s preference. Personally, I like blue cheese with my wings, but the kids prefer ranch dressing. DELICIOUS!

Easy baked hot wings


That’s it! Again, this recipe was so easy, that my daughter had NO help from me at all prepping. She even took all the pictures herself so that I could create this fabulous blog post. Is she a Foodie in training? She might be! Regardless, I’m a proud mama for her success at making a spicy treat for her family. 😉

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