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This recipe was submitted by Megan Polanowski. Thank you for the tasty and interesting recipe!

Bold Fried Chicken

All you need:
Chicken Breasts (Cutting it into strips is the easiest)
About 3 eggs (Depends on the amount of chicken)
Oil ( I use veggie oil)
A bag of “Bold Chex Mix”

You make this like any other fried chicken recipe. Coat the chicken in the egg and instead of rolling it around in flour roll it around in crushed up pieces of bold Chex mix.

***You will have to cook the chicken in a frying pan on a lower heat, the chex mix will begin to burn and the inside will not be finished.***

The chex mix gives it so much more flavor and a lot more crunch!    After you fry it up, put them on a baking sheet and put mozz. cheese and bacon over it and place it in the oven just enough to melt the cheese.     Its an easy meal and it tastes great!

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