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Cooking Pie PumpkinDuring the month of October there are tons of recipes floating around Pinterest for all things pumpkin. So you went to the pumpkin patch with the kids, picked out a pie pumpkin with the promise of making treats. Now that you are home and ready to try out all those pumpkin recipes, you are left with one important question…. How do I cook a pumpkin?

It really isn’t as difficult as it seems. All you need is:

Large baking dish/pan (we use a 11 x 14 glass casserole dish)
Pie pumpkin (NOT a carving pumpkin – pie pumpkins are much smaller)

How to Cook Fresh Pumpkin

Wash and cut a pie pumpkin in half, crosswise. Remove seeds and strings. Place in baking pan face down, shell up, in 1/2″ water. Bake in a 325* F oven for 1 hour or more, until tender. Scrape the pulp from the shell and put in through a ricer or strainer (optional – we never strainer our pumpkin pulp and it’s always made some fantastic pies and pancakes!).

Pretty easy, right? And if you’re already set on making some delicious pumpkin recipes, what’s one more step? The best part is you only have to do this step once, depending on how much you’ll be baking. Just one small pie pumpkin should give you several cups of fresh pumpkin, which is more than enough for several recipes. Usually out of one pie pumpkin, we make 2 pies and pumpkin pancakes a few times.

Feel free to add your own pumpkin recipe requests below!

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