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Homemade tacos are good, but the restaurants are usually better right?  Not around here! Years ago when I was in high school, my after school job was at a fast food taco place. Not only did it teach me responsibility at 16, but it also taught me how to make perfect taco meat.

First you’ll need to ignore the directions on the packages of seasoning. They are so wrong it’s not even funny. Ditch the pan too, because you’ll need a small pot or saucer pan instead.

Add your hamburger, package of seasoning, and 3/4 cup water (if using leaner beef, add 1 cup of water instead). Use a masher or something similar (I use my pastry cutter I got from Pampered Chef several years ago). Yes you will be turning it into meat paste.

Cover, and let cook on medium heat, stirring or mashing occasionally.  It’s almost like you are boiling the meat instead of frying it.

That’s it! Nothing to it really, and you end up with real taco meat just like they make in the restaurant. Yes this really is how we made it in the restaurant, but with a much larger pot and a whole lot more water. A much bigger meat masher too! Regardless, it’s not hard to make real taco meat on a smaller scale.

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