Homemade Buns for Sandwiches

Last night we had a family favorite – Graziano’s hot sausage sandwiches with homemade buns. While this “brand” of sausage you can only get in central Iowa (it’s a special blend from an Italian grocery store in Des Moines), you can still use any kind of Italian sausage. We just prefer this particular kind over the others.

The buns, on the other hand, anyone with a bread machine can make. It’s actually our favorite roll recipe that I’ve dubbed “Tabi’s Awesome Rolls”. I’ve posted this recipe before when I spent the day playing with my bread machine. Turning them into buns for hot sausage sandwiches is pretty easy.

Basically we made them just the way we always do, but added Italian spices to the mix. Someone once told me to add garlic last because it doesn’t let the dough rise, so that’s what I did. Once the dough was mixed and ready to be rolled out, I added the garlic to the top with a little bit of olive oil and cheese.

When you make these at home, expect them to get a little bigger when you bake them. They always surprise me and get larger when I bake them. I always think “hmmm I wonder if these are going to be big enough?” when I roll them out, and they always are slightly TOO big. So when you roll them out, flatten them down just a bit so they work better as a bun.

This roll recipe has also been used to make buns for other type of sandwiches including homemade breaded tenderloins (DELICIOUS!). It would also go good with cold sandwiches or hamburgers as well.


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