This is another one of our personal favorite recipes. Every year after the pumpkin is gutted for whatever reason (either from our pie pumpkins we’re using for baking, or a full size pumpkin we’ve used for carving), we use the seeds as a tasty snack!

Roasting pumpkin seeds is pretty easy. Here’s what you’ll need:

- Large baking sheet (like the ones you’d use for cookies)
- Butter flavored cooking spray or melted butter
- Seasoning (we use garlic salt, but you can use regular salt)

Start with clean, dry seeds. You don’t want any strings or left over guts sticking to your seeds. Spray down your cookie sheet with your butter flavored cooking spray.  I highly recommend this over melted butter, since it’s way easier to control. Place a layer of seeds across your baking sheet, and spray again.

If your using melted butter, drop your seeds into the butter so they get a nice coating, and then lay your seeds out in one layer across the sheet.

After your seeds have a nice coating of butter and are laid out on the baking sheet, you’ll want to season them. This is where it gets fun, and you can do a bit of experimenting. We use garlic salt because we LOVE garlic flavor, but you can use regular salt or any other spices you want to get different flavors.

Easy, right? Roasted pumpkin seeds make excellent snacks, and if you’re already carving pumpkins or cooking fresh pumpkin, this is a wonderful use for your leftover seeds!


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