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As promised, bringing some recipes to you just for those who own a George Foreman grill to the blog. This one was invented by my daughter and I on an experiment night when we made up 3 different types of marinades for chicken strips. The slightly spicy marinade won hands down, and is by far the best grilled chicken I’ve ever tasted.

What you’ll need for the marinade:

Chili infused olive oil (or olive oil with chili powder, but we used the “fancy” olive oil)
Chipotle seasoning
Sun-dried tomatoes
Fresh pepper (we used those spiffy grinders)

Depending on how much chicken you have will depend on the amount of ingredients you use. Obviously you want to make sure you use enough olive oil to coat everything, and then add the rest to your liking. Any other spicy seasoning can be used too, or even hot sauce.

We let the chicken sit in the fridge (in strips) in the marinade overnight, then threw it on the George Foreman grill the next night with the sun-dried tomatoes on the side. Ohhhhh these were SO yummy, and we’ve vowed to make them again. Chicken was super tender and it had just enough of a kick. Not too spicy for the kids at all.


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