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I can be quite the lazy cook sometimes. While it’s true I love my bread machine and the pizza crust we make with it often, sometimes I just want something a little faster.

Years ago before we even thought of having a bread machine, I made my pizza with the most unlikely crust. Flour tortillas. Yup, those things you usually make tacos and quesedillas with. I used them for pizza crust.

The other day I got to thinking about it, and decided I wanted to use them again. Why not? It made an EXCELLENT thin crust, and was really tasty too. I use several too, spreading them out in the shape of a full size round pizza, so they overlap a bit.

I used another old favorite substitution for pizza sauce – plain old tomato sauce. Since we added spices to the rest of the pizza, adding anything to the sauce really wasn’t necessary (I did it anyway though, and ended up with WAY too much garlic salt on it. Lesson learned).

Instead of our normal “mountain pizza”, we did just one layer of toppings and cheese. Well, a little on the heavy side, but still just one layer of each item. Pepperoni, regular sausage that I added a few Italian spices too while cooking, and pizza cheese. We also added roasted red bell pepper slices (from a jar), and a blend of Parmesan cheese and some other spices (I had gotten a big container of different kinds of blended spices, and really wanted to play with it!).

Unlike the “mountain pizza” which has to be cooked at lower temps for a longer period of time, this pizza I threw in the oven at 400* for about 15minutes. We like crispy crust and golden brown cheese (about 2 minutes away from being burnt, really, so I keep an eye on it), so you can cut the time down a bit. All ingredients are cooked, so basically we’re just heating it up here.

All I have to say is YUM. This was some tasty pizza to say the least, and we’ll be making it again that’s for sure. Plus it didn’t call for a variety of specific ingredients just for pizza, and are things we have on a regular basis. As with any pizza, it’s easy to tweek to your liking to.


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