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We’ve been making a lot of hamburgers lately, mostly because I keep buying frozen patties. I know, way to cheat right? It’s just easier, especially since we got the George Foreman grill and can just throw the patties right on it.

Since we’ve been making hamburgers so much, we’re always looking for new stuff to put on top of them. Last week we made burgers twice, and had several unusual toppings available. Here’s a run down of what we’ve used:

– Avocado
Yup, sounds odd but this is one of my favorite things to put on a burger. I’ll even go so far as to as for it in restaurants when getting burgers.

– Bacon
Not so odd, but sometimes forgotten. Made easier with our grill, even though the bacon isn’t quite as good if we’d cooked it normal. Since it goes on a hamburger, it doesn’t really matter much.

– Grilled mushroom and garlic
This was really, really good. All we did was heat up a little bit of butter in a pan and toss sliced mushroom and dried garlic in. Yuuuuum. You could do the same with onions, too.

– Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing
Again sounds somewhat odd on a burger, but with avocado it was DELICIOUS. This is also something I always ask for in a restaurant, especially so I can dip my fries in it too.

– Special Cheese
This week it was basil garlic mozarella, but we’ve had some other combos in the past. I’m a sucker for the cheese aisle at the store, and have absolutely no idea why. Jalapeno cheeses would also be awesome for hamburgers, and something I really want to try some time.

That’s it for our list, what’s on yours?

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