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Last week I had picked up some wonton wrappers from the store. My daughter got a cookbook for Christmas, and in it was a recipe for “Wonton chips”. They were alright, nothing real special though, but it got me wanting to play around with the remaining wonton wrappers.

I’m a huge lover of Chinese food, and have a serious obsession for Crab Rangoons. However, I absolutely suck at recreating favorite Chinese dishes (I’m still having nightmares about the sesame chicken that caught fire several years ago). So I decided to try something different.

First I fried up some bacon, because I had several packages in the freezer. Sounded like a good main dish for last night, too. I took a package of cream cheese and added 4-5 slices of bacon  crumbled up (they were kinda small slices, I would say 3 normal slices would do you). Added a bit of onion powder and dried minced garlic, and there I had a filling.

As mentioned before, I don’t usually do Chinese food and have NO idea how to fold a crab rangoon. I winged it. Much to my surprise it worked out alright. I just folded in the corners and then folded it up, and it stuck just fine  (think diagonal – corner to corner, then corner to corner).

I realize these are suppose to be deep fried, but I really didn’t feel like pulling out the fryer. Instead I pan fried them in canola oil, and that too worked out alright. They were a little on the greasy side, so next time I’ll probably do a bit more draining and use tongs instead of a spatula.

These were absolutely DELICIOUS, and has me wanting to make different kinds now. With wonton wrapers and cream cheese, the possibilities here seem endless!

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