Wii Game Reviewers Needed!

Do you have a Wii game your family just loves? If so, we’d love to add your review!

We have a unique scoring system and format we use, so be please be sure to read all of this page before submitting.

Reviews must in the following format:

– Short Intro (why you bought the game, was it an instant hit or not, etc)

– Fun Factor (1-5 rating, how fun was the game for everyone in your family?)

– Family/Group Factor (1-5 rating, how well could multiple people play?)

– Too Easy/Too Hard (1-5 rating, how easy or hard of a learning curve for kids?)

– Activity Factor (1-5 rating, how well did the game get you and your family moving?)

– Child Friendly (1-5 rating, was the game suitable and enjoyable for kids?)

– Variety (1-5 rating, how many activities are there within the game?)

– Addition Factor (1-5 rating, do you not want to put the game down?)

– Short conclusion (Overall recommendation of the game)

If you need some examples or details of how our rating system works, please see our main section for Family Games for Wii

Ready to submit your review? Use the form below and don’t forget to include a link back to your blog or website! (We’re strong believers in giving credit where credit is due)

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