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Tips for Saving Money On Groceries

It can be tempting to spend $100 or more while making a trip to the local store. Interesting items and discounts setting at the ends, flashy signs telling you of new and special products, and your own craving for something good to eat calling you to pick it up.

While it may seem like the best idea to grab everything you see on special, it's not going to help you when you are saving money on groceries. Here are some ideas to help you keep control of your shopping, and make sure you are saving money on groceries:

Make a meal plan

By planning your meals ahead of time, you'll know exactly what you need from the store before you go. There will be no guessing and no wasted food. When saving money on groceries, make sure you have a list of every meal for the next week or two. Never plan longer than 2 weeks.

Watch for specials

Many local stores put out newsletters and coupons. Make sure you are getting a copy of your local advertiser. Watch for local specials and plan your meals around them. Buying only discounted items is one of the best ways of saving money on groceries.

Cut Coupons

It's one of those tips for saving money on groceries that most think of first, but believe or not it can be forgotten. One of the easiest ways to save money is by cutting coupons. If you don't get a sunday paper or some sort of local advertiser, look online for coupons you can print. See the banner below for a great place to find coupons online.

Make a list

Very simple and often forgotten, making a list can be one of your best tips for saving money on groceries as long as you stick to it! Don't buy anything not on your list or you could be in trouble. Be sure to check for specials before you get to the store, so you can add those items to your list.

Walmart isn't always cheap

While it may seem Walmart has the lowest prices, this is not always true. Check your local grocery stores and compair prices. You may be surprised to find some of the same items lower cost. Don't forget about Super Target and Kmart! You might be surprised to find your everyday items lower than any Walmart in town!

These are just some simple ideas which I hope will help in your next trip to the store. Following a budget and a plan can help cut your costs, but make sure you stick to it!

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Other Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

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Saving Money on Groceries
Anonymous Tip
"Here's a tip on saving some more money, and losing weight at the same time! Too good to be true? No! All you have to do is half the amount of food you buy. Yeah, I know! Well, as silly as it may sound, you simply do not need as much food as you think. Instead of 4 potatoes have 2 or 3. Instead of 4 slices of meat have 2. Plus, this saves half of the money you usually spend on food for a holiday, or a nice house make over! Everyone wins, and you end up looking fantastic!"

Tips by Karen

1: Money experts say to stick to the OUTER aisles while grocery shopping. That is where the necessities usually are- meat, produce, dairy, bread, etc. The 'inner' aisles have all the expensive snack foods, impulse buys, and more costly temptations.

2: Have the kids read the sale pages with you. We have 3 primary grocery stores in our small town, and we all read and verbalize the prices of our 'wanted items' list together. I write down the list with all 3 stores, and we hit at least 2 on the same day - only buying the sale items at the appropriate store. all boys- and they know HOW to shop!

3: Another thing I do, is to put all the coupons ON TOP of the corresponding products as they move along the conveyer belt towards the cashier. Many times I'd go home and find the coupon still in my wallet, as I had been distracted by kids, friends, etc. Double check dates on coupons as you are picking out the product to avoid embarrassment while checking out.

4: Send one of your kids into the store when you only need one item and they are old enough to know your brand, where it is located, and how to count change. Keeps time to a minimum, teaches them independence, keeps you from shopping, and them from asking for things.

Tips by Gayle Geisenheimer
* Of course use a manufacturer's or store cents off coupon when possible. Save when not using a coupon too. Check out the no frills brand. The no name or store brand mushroom soup will work just as well in your recipe. Many no name products are almost exactly the same as the higher priced name brands.

* Shop at stores offering to double or triple the value of your manufactures coupons. You may not buy everything on your list at the store, but pick up the savings you'll receive with doubling.

* I am not one for stockpiling 50 bottles of shampoo .BUT there are sometimes when using a coupon with a sale will allow you to get a product for pennies or FREE! That's the time to stock up. Share the freebie with friends, family and the local food pantry or women's shelter.

* Check that Day old Bakery rack. If the kids are going to make toast, or you are going to prepare a stack of grilled cheese or BLTS ....the slightly stale bread won't be noticed.

* Stop at the Blemished Produce Section. I have lots of little ones under I usually cut up the fruit's easy enough to cut out a bruise from a pear....and you can save quite a bit looking for the marked down fruit. Bargain fruits and veggies are also great for grilling.

* Find out when your meat department has specials. I find some great buys on Sunday or Monday Mornings. The special items ( marinated meats or coated chickens etc) that did not sell over the weekend, are often marked $2.00 off each package or even 1/2 price. Now these foods are usually not on my budget, but when I can purchase the lemon peppered chicken breast at a big discount, it becomes a great buy ! * Try planning meals around " on Sale " Products . Often you can really save " BIG " if an item is on sale...and you have a coupon and a refund on your dinner ingredients. Check out those sale flyers. It's very easy to plan a meal AND save money.

* Know a good sale when you see it ! Keep track of prices.....then you'll know when the tuna goes on sale three for a buck ...that it's a good buy on your favorite brand.

Tips by Shannon Jarviea
Keepsake Pages and Photocards

1) Check high and low for savings-literally. Higher priced items are usually placed at eye level.

2)Shopping without kids will save money. You won't be tempted to buy unnecessary items just to keep them happy and they won't be a distraction while you're comparing prices

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