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Suggestion for Time Organizing

Bills need to be paid, kids need rides, appointments to be do you keep track of it all?

There's several methods you could use if you need a sugestion for time organizing, but really it all comes down to what works best for you. Don't be afraid to try different time organizing tips because we're all different.

It's actually pretty easy to fit in everything which needs to be done into one day. The first task you'll want to do is to find a perfect way to keep track of your schedule. The better your schedule, the more time you'll find in the day.

Here's a few suggestions for time organizing tips you can try out in your home:

Appointment Books

This one is a classic and has been around for years. While some do very well with this type of organization, others do not. Give it a shot and see if you can incorporate this into your daily routine.

You'll want to be sure to include eventhing in your appointment book, and keep it in a place which is easy to access. If possible, find a book small enough to fit into your purse. This way you'll be sure to have it on you at all times.

There are many different types of appointment books. Some allow you to enter activities for each day, which others allow you to schedule by the hour. Depending on how your schedule looks now, you might have to try out a few different ones to find out which is best for you.


Calendars are another option to write down important events. Many have found success with using this time organizing tip.

Just about any wall calendar will do, just be sure there's enough room to write everything you need to write down. In the past, I've found children's calendars often work the best due to their size.

I've also found it helpful to be able to easily see last month and next month without. If you have to really look close to see the previous and next month, it's probably not big enough.

Yahoo Services

Yahoo is a completely free service and easy to use. If you spend quiet a bit of time online, then this may be perfect for you.

Yahoo offers an online calendar and reminder services that are easy to set up. Choose what kind of reminders you receive and when. You can also set a to-do list from your Yahoo account, and all can be placed on "My Yahoo".

If you use this option, be sure to set your home page to "My Yahoo". It will be the first page you see in the morning, and you can check your schedule easily.

See Yahoo calendar at:

Dry Erase Boards

This is one of my favorites, since it gives you complete control. These are inexpensive, and come in all sizes. I choose to use more than one to keep track of different things.

It's also easy to jot down quick notes instead of searching for paper. You can use one for notes, while using another for the day's tasks. Be sure you keep your to-do list every single day to see an improvement in your time.

Additional Suggestion for Time Organizing

Personally I use a combination of time organizing tips - dry erase boards and wall calendars. My dry erase boards are used for weekly and daily to-do's, while my wall calendar is kept to remind me of upcoming events. I check the calendar daily and write my daily to-do list based on what's scheduled on the calendar. Each are right in front of me all day, so nothing is missed.

Don't think you have to settle for just one method or another. Trying combinations of time organizing tips and methods may turn out to work best for you.

Time Organizing Tips from Others

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Anita DeFrank
Mommy's Helper Online
A nice calendar to use is an "Accountant's Calendar". With this type of calendar you can look at three months at a time.

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