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Using Scrap Fabric - Scrap Pillows

Scrap Pillow Instructions

Another extremely easy project, that allows room for you to express your creativity. Basically all you will need is scraps and an imagination. If you'd like, you can even use all the scraps from your quilts to make a matching pillow!

Here's what you'll need:

Scrap Fabric

This idea is very simple, and what you create is completely up to you. We chose to make a pillow that was longer than it was wide, making it a true "couch" pillow. It's extremely comfortable to use on our couch.

When cutting pieces for the pillow, make sure all are measured with 1/8" allowance for seams. Our pillow was made of six pieces - one large of each fabric, and two small of each fabric. The two large pieces were sewn together, and small pieces all sewn together. The fabric was "alternated" on the pillow, making almost a "stripe" design.

What's fun about this project is the ability to use pieces of fabric of your choice to make any type of design. You can even use fabric to match a quilt or other blankets you've already completed. The only "rule" is leaving enough room for the seam so all pieces fit together. Other than that, just have fun with it!

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