Quick Sewing Projects

If you are needing a few last minute gifts and want to sew them yourself, hopefully this post will give you some ideas.

Scented Dryer Pads
My favorite sewing project this year had to be the scented dryer pads.  It was so fast and easy to do these, they can be done at the very last minute. Heck it might even take you longer to wrap it! You can see the details of that project here.

These are so easy to make, it really doesn’t take but an hour or so to get them done. Especially if you do a simple pillow with only two pieces of fabric. Who doesn’t use throw pillows?

Doll Quilts or Blankets
These work nice if you have left over fabrics or batting from big quilts. Because they are much smaller than normal size blankets and quilts, they can be finished a lot faster.
So these may not be any new projects, but they ARE fast ones. Since there’s only a few days left before Christmas, we really have to hurry!  There’s no time to start a big project now, so the idea of this post  was to give you a few ideas of some really quick projects. Hope it helps you out! ;)

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  1. Sandy Says:

    Another quick project is those heating bags for sore muscles the ones you put pellets or rice or seeds in. I like the ones with the plastic pellets you can buy by the bag at Michael’s.

    Cut out 2 peices of fabric the same size either in a rectangle or whatever shape you think will fit the person if its for the neck and shoulders make a long narrow rectangle if for the back make wider rectangle, leave one seam area open to put pellets in, only fill half full then sew up by hand or sewing machine. You can add a few drops of sented oils to, to use heat for about a minute when you take out test on your wrist to make sure its not to hot what I do is shimy the pellets around and it cools it a bit and evenly ditributes the heat, every microwave is different heat power so use your discretion, some times I use it cold to, put in freezer for about an hour feels good on hot feet in summer.
    My dauaghter likes to heat it up when we have those really cold winter night s and puts it by her feet at night in bed.
    I know these have been around for ever but let me tell ya people do appreciate them as gifts, you can so up a set one for back one for neck and so on. Sandy

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