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The other day I decided to make our “mountain pizza” for supper. I’ve gotten a tad lazy and been using premade pizza crusts quite often. It’s been forever since I’ve actually made pizza dough in the bread machine, but this little incident made me think twice about starting it up again.

I opened the package only to find the crust MOLDY. Yes little green fur growing all over this pizza crust that had just been opened. No there was no holes in the packaging, and I did check the expiration date. April 2010, and last I checked it was only January. So there was absolutely NO reason this crust should have been bad.

It got me thinking about all the recalls we’ve had lately,  and I cringed. This was an isolated incident I’m sure, so how many other times have we eaten foods that have been poorly packaged? How much illness can be pinned on bad foods even if we aren’t aware of it? What silent damage have we done to our bodies eatting them as well?

Luckily I had another pizza crust package (a different brand even, THANK GOD) since there was no time to make the dough myself, but it will be the last time I use one at all most likely. It will be back to the bread machine for us for probably everything bread related, since I just don’t trust what’s being put into packages anymore.

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