Newest Kitchen Toys

For those of you sick to death of hearing about my bread machine, fear not! The end is in sight! I have new Kitchen toys thanks to Christmas presents from dad.

The first one is probably something half of you seasoned kitchen veterans (no pun intended) already have. A nifty little George Foreman Grill. Yup. Finally. Talk about being put to good use though – we’ve already used this thing at least a dozen times in the past few weeks. Grilled cheese, chicken, steak, hamburgers…basically anything we COULD put on there we have. And the budding chef of the house and me came up with an EXCELLENT chicken recipe (we’ll be posting some awesome recipes for this new toy later, I promise!).

The other new toy we got was also something I’ve wanted for a long time (actually since I saw it a friend’s house and stated “I’m jealous.”). It’s an electric griddle. So cute, so fun, so easy to make stuff without dragging out pans to wash. LOVE IT. It’s also been used several times since Christmas, for things like quesadillas, bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Now let me clue you, I did try to use the grill for bacon once and while it was probably the easiest bacon I’ve ever made, it wasn’t as good. On the griddle though, oh wow. Fantastic AND easy clean up. (Ours has a little tray where all the grease drips into, which made for a SUPER easy clean up).

Both these toys have put me in a cooking mood again, and my kids are loving it. We had way too many “fend for yourself” nights there for awhile. Both of these nifty things are highly recommended if you spend a lot of time cooking for your family. ;)

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