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First let me say I love my PC. You will never, ever get me to stop using a desktop as my main computer. Kindle, tablets, and even laptops will NEVER replace my desktop for surfing the web, writing, researching, and other internet-related activities. HOWEVER, my Kindle has proved to be a fantastic addition to my digital arsenal. Not only do I use my Kindle, but I do it every single day. Here’s how……

How I Use My Kindle

This is somewhat a given, obviously, because it’s why the Kindle was originally created. Even before Kindle became a tablet, I wanted one for the purpose of reading. The ability to have a huge library of books to pick from is very important to me, since I’m a very picky reader. I LOVE that there are lots of free books to choose from, and others that cost under $5. Reading books of any kind never goes out of style. In fact, while I was taking college classes, I was able to rent a few of my text books through Amazon and have them on my Kindle. BIG help there, as I didn’t have to tote around hefty books.

I will admit, I never planned on using my Kindle to play games. Like many others before me, though, I was sucked into Angry Birds. That’s alright, because we all need a little entertainment from time to time. Recently I’ve been hooked on solitaire card games, since we lost our deck of cards years ago.

I love Pinterest. L-O-V-E it. The app I use on the Kindle is clean and easy to navigate, and I pull up pins ALL THE TIME on my Kindle when I’m actively using them. Crafts, recipes, and other DIY projects are pinned on my boards from both my PC and my Kindle, and it’s SUPER easy to access them no matter what device I’m using.

I use Evernote because of how easy it is to sync between my Kindle, desktop, and other devices. You will need an internet connection to set it up, but after that, you can take notes offline if need be. During National Novel Writing Month, I actually used Evernote to write the whole book. Granted I only used the Kindle for notes, but it was still an EXTREMELY useful tool and backup system.

There are tons of cookbook apps available through the Amazon store, but honestly, I just use Pinterest. I find it easier to find (and keep) the recipe ideas across the internet instead of within an app or two. We use the Kindle in the kitchen more than we use “old fashion” cookbooks. Sometimes we even use the Kindle to pull up Idea Queen for recipes! LOTS easier than printing recipes online or digging through books. Plus, the recipes will never get destroyed like paper does.

One of our local news stations has an app for tablets and Kindle that I use on a regular basis. With a few taps, I can see the latest local news stories and the weather forecast for the week. How convenient is that to look up the weather for the day BEFORE you leave the bedroom?

Ebooks, newsletters, and other documents
There is a nifty function that allows you to email documents directly to your Kindle. Perfect for newsletters or PDF documents you find on the internet, and really don’t want to read on a computer monitor. It’s also useful to have these sorts of documents on your Kindle when you are away from an internet connection.

Basic Browsing
Those things you ponder at 2am when you know you should be sleeping are enough to drive anyone crazy. You know you won’t sleep until you figure it out, but also know you shouldn’t get up because it’s time to sleep. While Kindles aren’t the greatest for massive web surfing, they are easy to use for minor Googling and literally put questions to bed.

Social Networking
I was never one of those types that felt the need to check social networking websites on the go. However, I’ve found it useful to have the option of checking when I don’t want to make the effort to get on my computer. It’s also useful for random Tweets that pop into your head and refuse to leave until you post.

While my older gen Kindle has a few things it cannot do (pictures, GPS, video), some of the newer generations DO have that capability now. As for important tablet capabilities go, Kindle is an extremely cost effective competitor and easy for anyone to use. With a sturdy case added on, you’ll be in love with your Kindle for years like I have been.

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