Webkinz Pet of the Month – June and July

Every month Webkinz features a new “Pet of the Month”, and those who own them get special extra features such as exclusive items, extra daily activities, and more opportunities for KinzCash.

June’s Pet of the Month is the Elephant. Do note this is the large pet only, not the little ones. Most of the time the featured pet of the month is the big, but we’ve seen the little Webkinz featured as well.

July’s Pet of the Month is the Cheeky Monkey (NOT the regular one!). Unfortunately we have the regular monkey, but that’s alright. We may get the other one too to keep Wild Monkey (that’s what my son named him) company.

The best part of the Webkinz is you can adopt multiple pets on one account. The pets all live in the same “house”, but each have their own rooms. You share money, items, and other things. Having the pet of the month just unlocks other items to play with, making the site more fun!

*NOTE – These were from 2008, NOT 2009.

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