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Wii Music Review

By Elizabeth Cowen

Average Score: 3.71 out of 5
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We were very excited about this game when we first saw it was coming out. My husband and I pre-ordered it at the game store weeks before it came out and rushed to the mall to get it the day it was available. Things did not go as well as planned. We no longer have the game. It was the first Wii game that we sold.

Fun Factor 2 out 5
This game was fun for a couple of days. I really enjoyed the handbell game, but it got boring quickly. I thought my children would enjoy making the music videos, but they lost interest after the first try.

Family/Group Factor – 5 out of 5

For a family that enjoys the game it is a great family game. There are lots of musical instrument choices and the ability for the whole family to make videos together.

Too Easy or Too Hard – 3 out of 5
The different instruments were not hard to learn. The directions for the different things you can do on the game are almost non-existent. After playing for a week I still had no idea of what I was supposed to be doing to unlock new lessons.

Activity Factor – 3 out of 5
Most of the instruments can be played without standing up. There is some activity in moving your arms to play music, but if you are looking for a game to get your family off the couch and moving this is not the game for you.

Child Friendly – 5 out of 5
Everything in this game can played by any age. Even my 2 year old was able to get in on making videos with us.

Variety – 5 out of 5
I played this game for several weeks and never played all of the instruments that are available. There are lots of choices in instruments, locations, video covers, and more.

Addiction – 3 out of 5
I could see this having a higher addiction score if your family enjoys making the videos and sending them to friends. My family never got into this game so we had a low addiction score.

Additional Comments on Wii Music

My family quickly traded this game for another game. We tried to play it several times during the month we had it, but no one in the family ever seemed to get into it.

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