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PostHeaderIcon Sewing Up a Storm ~ The Great Fabric Hunt

Whenever I see a sale from, I’m on it. Doesn’t matter if I need fabric or not, I buy it anyway. It’s in my head that eventually I will need it for a project, and that it’s just too cute to pass up. This obsession really has come in handy many a time for my random project and ideas. Such as when I finally latched on to the perfect fabric for my cousin’s baby, a cute collage of giraffes and baby boy decor.

A baby blanket seemed easy enough. I had batting left over from a project years ago, so that was no issue. Scraps from other projects worked for making it a “real” quilt instead of just one straight piece of fabric. It was all coming together beautifully, block by by block, hand-sewing each piece. The problem started when I started the hunt for another yard of fabric I knew I had purchased over a year ago.

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