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PostHeaderIcon Our Halloween Costumes 2012

Oh yes. It’s my favorite time of year and we are busy digging up plans for Halloween. The first on the list, as always, is the Halloween costumes. I’m so sad my oldest (now age 12) wants no part in Trick-or-Treating, but we still have a good month and half to convince him to at least dress up.

My fantastically creative daughter has picked her costume for the year and we are already beginning to piece it together.

This year’s pick: ZOMBIE CLOWN!

Ugly Scraps

We started by picking out the fabrics we planned to use, which included the ugliest jumper we’d ever seen (shown above). As luck would have it, this almost fits my daughter. It’s a bit tight, so we plan to leave it unzipped and unbuttoned, using additional ugly scraps to fill in the gaps. You can see from the picture we also found an ugly tie to go along with the hideous costume. We plan to dye her hair red (she has the most perfect short curly clown hair) and paint her face in zombie-style.

Costumes of Halloween Past

Halloween 2011

Last year my daughter won 3rd place in the Prairie City costume contest. I suspect it’s because the costume was homemade (far left is my daughter, far right is my son, and in the middle is my teenage cousin who visits on the weekends). She was a “She-Devil” that year and we used mostly clothes she already had that fit the role. The pitchfork was from my son’s costume last year (shown below) and the horns we purchased.

Halloween 2010

Zombie Cheerleader and Demon Boy. Loved this year, the makeup, and the ideas. Again, my daughter wore mostly clothes she already had with a few extra accessories and dead-looking make-up. She even had a scar that year pained on her forehead.

Other years we have made good use of scraps, cheap fabrics on sale, and clothing they already own. We are proof that costumes can be cheap, easy, and way awesome with just a bit of creativity.

What costumes are you planning for this year?

PostHeaderIcon Homemade Halloween Costumes

Hello Idea Queen readers! It’s that time of year again and I am SUPER excited…Halloween is coming! I absolutely ADORE this time of year!

We may not do a whole lot of decorating, but lots of stuff is going on around our house. Pumpkins are being carved, pies are being cooked, and most importantly, the costumes are being planned. Every year my daughter comes up with the BEST ideas for costumes. Together we usually put together something really fantastic that is deserving of loads of pictures.


Homemade Costumes of Halloweens Past

Around here we feel making costumes is much more fun than buying them. Here’s a rundown of our best costume ideas over the years, most of which are handmade comepletely or made without spending loads of moolah on a complete costume.

Devil and Zombie Cheerleader

You ain’t taking this dead cheerleader back to hell so easy! Mask and pitchfork for the devil was purchased at the store, but the rest of the clothes are just regular old clothes. He still wears them even a year later. Pompoms for the zombie cheerleader were purchased off ebay for a whole $3, and the rest is normal clothing. It’s the makeup we had fun with on that costume.

Punk Rock Star

Her original idea for this year was “Hannah Montana”, but I talked her out of it. Instead, we decided on a punk rock star because the makeup would be a lot more fun. It was! She looked fantastic and most importantly, UNIQUE! I spent a little more on the shirt that I usually do, but she wore it for a good 2 years after using it as part of her costume. She also had striped tights that were purchased for less than $5.


This is the year my son had an obession with Garfield. Do you think we could even FIND a costume? Heck no! So we made one out of a pillow, oversized orange shirt, black spray paint, and wooden/foam mask. The tail was made from basic orange fabric and stuffed. He loved it!

Dead Bride

One of my all time favorites was the dead bride. Dress was made from an uber cheap fabric I found at Walmart (About a $1 per yard is all it was I think), with dollar store cobwebs over her head. We got a little crazy with the makeup this year but I think we made her look good and dead. 😉

Batman and Princess

Poof! You are now a super hero! While both of these weren’t the most unique or cheapest costumes, the kids enjoyed playing their parts. Plus the picture was absolutely ADORABLE so I couldn’t pass up the chance to post it. You can tell we’ve always loved playing with the make up.

Other Costume Ideas

This year we have plans for a she-devil, and boy is still undecided. I suggested “Dead Kenny” from South Park, but got rejected. I hear my 13-yr old cousin has plans for that particular idea this year, which I can’t waite to see how it turns out. For the first time ever, the adults are planning on dressing up too, but our costume ideas aren’t set in stone yet. I’m thinking a basic witch, but we’ll see what I can find for accessories between now and Halloween. Cat in the Hat is also being considered, as are characters from the boy’s Xbox games.

My daughter’s running theme of “dead” or “evil” has made these costumes extra spectacular. It’s so easy to take a basic costume idea and turn it into a “dead” or “zombie” version, as my daughter demonstrated with the dead bride and zombie cheerleader. With all the things you can do with a homemade halloween costume, I don’t know why anyone would want to buy them!

PostHeaderIcon Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

As you should know by now, Halloween is our favorite time of year around here. We start getting ready when the first hint of fall comes around, and start thinking of costume ideas WAY ahead of time. Mostly because we make our own, or put together something from pieces you see at the store. It’s been quite a few years since we’ve bought a “regular” costume off the rack.

Here’s a run down of this year’s costumes and some from Halloweens past. Enjoy!

Boy – Demon
We spotted a red demon mask at a hardware store, and a pitchfork to go along with it. He wants a red rubber suit, but just in case we can’t find one of those (haha, I know we wont, at least not in mom’s price range!), a red shirt and black pants will do just fine. Simple I admit, but fun.Total cost was around $10 for the strictly costume part of it. The additional clothes are something he’ll be wearing again, which is a major bonus.

Girl – Dead Cheerleader
I am so in love with her ideas for costumes. This year she decided to be a dead cheerleader, which I think is just AWESOME. So far we’ve got a black long sleeve shirt and black skirt, along with pink and black stripped tights I bought on clearance right after Halloween last year for a whole $2.  I’m on the lookout for a V-neck tank top or something that will make it look a little more like a cheerleader outfit. We’ll be painting her face white with black under her eyes to give that dead look, and dying her pig tails pink. Oh, and I managed to snag some black pom-poms off ebay for $5.  So the total for the costume-only part will be under $10.

Boy – Ninja
This was a simple one to put together. Black sweatshirt, black pants, black stocking hat. We also painted his face black so it looked like a mask with the hat. We found some cheap ninja supplies (sword, stars, etc) for about $5 I believe it was.

Girl – Punk Rock Star
We had a close call last year with her first idea being “Hanna Montana”. Yuck. I’m alright with her being a fan, just not as a costume. Where’s the “wow” in that? We talked it over though, and she ended up being a punk rocker. Black skirt (yup, same one as for this year!), pink and black stripped tights (they didn’t make it after halloween, unfortunately), and adorable rocker looking shirt. The shirt was the most expensive and around $12, which is more than I usually spend on regular clothing. However, it WAS part of her costume, AND she still wears it even now. We spray painted her hair pink and put it up in lots of pony tails all over, then did black eye liner and black lipstick. If she would have been about 6 or 7 years older, I so would have approved of this style. She was ADORABLE. We loved the pink hair so much, we let her dye her hair pink often with the temporary dye!

Boy – Garfield (pictured)
This costume was so much fun to do, and SO cheap. We found a orange over sized shirt (on sale no less) that we sprayed the stripes on with black hair spray. The tail we made, and mask too with foam sheets, paint, and glue. Strap a pillow on and he was good to go! (See how we made the Garfield Costume here)

Girl – Dead Bride
One of my absolute favorites by far, but we’ll see how dead cheerleader works out this year! This was also an original idea of her’s, of which I’m quite proud of her for. We made a dress out of some cheap fabric (on sale at Walmart for 75 cents a yard – I got 2 yards), and used fake cob webs as her “vale”. White face paint with dark circles under her eyes, and black lips. She added an extra touch and put fake blood around her mouth and eyes. I told you she was a cool kid … haha!

The girl will be turning 8 in a little over a week, so she’s got a lot of fun years and ideas ahead of her…I can’t wait to see what she continues to come up with next year! The boy too, for that matter. 😉

These ideas should at least get you started, so have fun!

PostHeaderIcon Garfield Costume Creation

After changing his mind several times, my son finally decided he’s going to be Garfield for Halloween. We had already decided to make our costumes this year, but this one we really had no choice on. Sure we could probably find one if we looked hard enough, but why bother? It shouldn’t be that hard to make (although I said that about the airplane cake, and it really wasn’t).

Luckily, so far, it’s been pretty smooth. I went on a hunt earlier this week for a large orange t-shirt or sweatshirt, and did a little happy dance in the middle of Target when I found one on the discount rack for $2.50. HURRAY!  The plan with the shirt is to strap a pillow under him and put the shirt over top. I just have to figure out what we are going to do for stripes, but it will either be fabric paint/markers or black fabric.

Next I went looking for mask ideas. What I ended up finding was a wooden zombie mask with a handle, and foam craft sheets in orange and yellow. I used the orange to cut out the face that goes over the wood mask, then the yellow as his mouth. Then I painted his eyes white,  nose red (I know it’s pink, but I didn’t have any), and used permanent marker to draw on the details.  I’m not the greatest artist, but it worked. It doesn’t look exactly like him, but there’s no mistaking it’s Garfield, and the kid is happy.

Finally, I got orange fabric for the tail.  This was so super easy and again, the kid was pleased. I just took a strip, folded it in half, sewed it together and turned it inside out. Then we stuffed it, sewed the end, and used a marker to draw on his stripes.  On Halloween we plan to safety-pin it to his rear.

Now all that’s left is deciding what to do with all that extra fabric. I got a yard of the orange and only used one small piece, so I’m thinking of attempting my own quilt block. The boy absolutely LOVES Garfield, so I’m going to try a quilt block Garfield on a pillow or wall hanging. I drafted the block already, and it just might work. Should it come out the way I hope it does (and I’ve got my doubts), I’ll post pictures and maybe even the pattern. Crossing my fingers it does work!

Edited: Yes! This costume came out fantastic! For the stripes, we used basic black hair spray. EASY! Here’s the finished results:

Garfield costume

Garfield costume

Garfield costume - back

Garfield costume – back