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PostHeaderIcon Sims 3 Inspired Craft – Plumbob Headband

My daughter can be sneaky, but sometimes it’s not a bad thing. When my daughter found this craft, she didn’t share it right away. Instead, she asked for help ordering off Amazon with her Christmas gift card with the comment “Don’t look at what I’m buying… it will ruin the surprise!”. Being that it was her money, I didn’t ask, but certainly was curious.

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PostHeaderIcon A Very Pinterest Halloween

First off let me say I LOVE Pinterest. I use it for everything from recipes to craft ideas to DIY projects for home. It’s the best social sharing site I’ve seen in my decade of online play. It’s especially been a fascination for me with Halloween coming up. I’ve subscribed to almost every Halloween board I can find and came up with some FANTASTIC ideas for my favorite holiday. While some of them didn’t turn out “exactly like the picture”, some projects actually turned out better.

Here are a few crafts we’ve done so far…..



The original project featured black bats and was found on Pinterest. You’ll notice we used a different color paper so it stood out better on the wall. Our generous neighbor had given us a ton of yellow paper she had no use for, so we were pretty excited to find at least one purpose for it. I don’t think I’m done with this wall yet, but it’s getting there!


Painted Pumpkin Jar Candles

Since my mom loves to make candles and had the perfect scent (Pumpkin Pie), we decided to make this Pinterest craft into something unique. I painted the jar (tutorial coming soon), and mom filled it with Pumpkin Pie scented soy wax. When lit, it looks like a jack-o-lantern. I like the candle much better than candy, especially because there wouldn’t be any candy left to make it cute like the original project was!


Countdown to Candy

This easy print-out made this craft quick and fun. My printer was being difficult (as usual), so I ended up taking a Sharpie to make it look better. I had the frame given to me by my hubby’s grandmother, which I thought was a pretty big stroke of luck. I think it was a PERFECT contrast to the orange and black. The glass on the frame acts like a dry erase board so that we can change it every day.


More to Come!

This is just the beginning of the Halloween tricks and treats we are making at The Hot Spot. We wanted to wait until a week or two into October before we drove out to Prairie View Pumpkins to pick out pumpkins. After we do, we should have TONS of decorated pumpkins to show off. You can see a full list of project ideas we’ve got on the burner on our Pinterest Halloween board.



PostHeaderIcon Sticker Books for Toddlers

What easier way to keep a toddler entertained than with a big book of stickers? They’re easier on walls than crayons, that’s for sure (and if you have never had the pleasure of scrubbing crayon off the wall, may I just say you are lucky… so far).

Sticker books aren’t hard to come across. You can run to your local dollar store, but if you want to bring out the big books of stickers, you might need to look elsewhere. We did some digging and found some excellent sticker books for toddlers available on Amazon, and have listed some of them below.

Melissa & Doug Sticker Collections
Each of these featured sticker books contain THOUSANDS of stickers for a little bit of nothing. By far one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on sticker books. Plus you have you choice between pink, blue, purple, and green books for a kid with any taste. (Note – there’s some other fun products from Melissa & Doug mixed in this page, not just sticker books. Check them out!)

My Big Book Of Stickers
Yup, you guessed it. A big book of stickers. The best part of these particular stickers, though, is you can reuse them. This book will cost you a bit more, but it’s better in the long run to get the most bang for your buck. Includes over 400 stickers, and can be a great learning tool for toddlers.

Sticker Activity ABC (Sticker Activity Fun)
What better sticker book for a toddler than one that teaches them the ABCs? I’m a sucker for learning toys, and this one nails it. Includes coloring pages as well. Cheap price, which I’m also a sucker for.

Giant Sticker Activity – First Words
Another learning tool. More specifically, teaching toddlers how to read with the use of stickers. Fun and educational. It’s never too early to start teaching a kid how to read!

Winnie the Pooh (Ultimate Sticker Books)
What toddler doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? I had to list this one, just because my oldest son was so in love with anything Pooh bear when he was little. This sticker book has somewhat of a purpose, where you put the stickers in specific places.

My Giant Sticker Activity Book (with CD)
Need something a little extra? This giant sticker book comes with a CD full of games, puzzles, and coloring pages. The price is right on this product too, costing less than some CDs alone full of activities. I love learning tools, especially when they can be done on the computer!

Make Your Own Pizza Sticker Activity Book
Not ready to let your toddler help you in the kitchen? Then let them make their own pizza with this fun (and cheap) sticker book! Includes all kinds of toppings to help them make the best pizza ever.

Still need more sticker books for toddlers? See more on!

PostHeaderIcon Cheap Craft Supplies Online

Idea Queen is big on bargain shopping. Why pay full price for the “latest and greatest” when “tried and true” is just as cheap? Sure you could visit your local dollar store for quite a few of your crafting supplies, but if you want to get serious, you may have to do some digging online.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite places to shop for cheap craft supplies online. Each of these stores have excellent ratings, are trusted, and listed for both their prices and selection. Do feel free to comment and add your own to this list!

Probably one of the largest craft supply stores online we’ve ever seen. Doesn’t matter what kind of crafts your in search of, chances are they’ll have it. Everything from scrapbooking to sewing, to casual crafting. There’s some pretty good deals going on here, especially when you take advantage of their bulk offers and clearance items. Since this site is all about the savings, it’s one of the best places for cheap craft supplies online.

Kids craft kits at S&S Worldwide One of our absolute favorite place to find cheap craft supplies online. S&S Worldwide tends to focus on bulk supplies though, but the price per individual item is pretty low. They’ve also got a lot of craft kits for sale, making is a pretty nice site for daycare providers, homeschooling networks, and teachers. Also a great site to hit if you need crafts for a birthday party!

Don’t write this one off as “name brand is higher priced” just yet. We did some digging and found some prices (and really, really cool crafts) are cheaper here than other places. Do some poking around, I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many cheap craft supplies they have!
You might have to do a little price comparing here, but there were a few items we’ve cross-checked with other sites and found them lower. They also have more “serious” crafting supplies for those involved in big projects or as a business.
Personally I love this site for their fabric prices. About the only place I know to beat them is Walmart, and I despise the cheap fabric there. Joann has the quality AND the great prices, so it’s mostly where my fabric comes from. They have other crafting supplies too, but more so for the serious crafts or adult projects. Kids crafts on this site tend to run a little high.
Now we couldn’t forget Amazon, could we? If your a bargain hunter, you must visit this site. They don’t always have the lowest prices, but a lot of times they do. Plus there’s multiple buying options and supplies, so their prices are hard to beat in many areas.

This list of places to buy cheap craft supplies online should at least get you started. No matter what you need supplies for, you should be able to find them at any of the sites we’ve mentioned!

PostHeaderIcon Craft Kits for Kids

If you are short on time like we are, you may be thinking a craft kit is the way to go. I know I don’t have a whole lot of time to gather certain supplies for different crafts (let alone know WHERE to find them half the time).

The craft ideas for kids listed on Idea Queen are very simple crafts. You don’t need a whole lot for them. But if you are looking for a more complicated craft, craft kits might be the way to go.

That’s why we added a whole section on craft kits for you to check out. I think you’ll find many of the craft kit ideas listed are priced pretty well, with some unique ideas for a craft. Just in time too – Christmas is right around the corner, and many of these would make absolutely PERFECT Christmas gifts. You can either make the crafts with your kids as gifts, or wait and give the kits to your kids for Christmas. Either way it couldn’t be a better time for them.