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PostHeaderIcon Spring Activities for Family: Bike Riding

With the weather getting nicer, we tend to look for anything at all to do outside to enjoy it. One really excellent activity is to hop on your bike and take a family bike ride together. Below are some excellent reasons why you should.

Family Time

Most families today are guilty of not spending near enough time together. Sometimes it’s just from lack of ideas of what exactly to do together. Taking a bike ride is something all kids enjoy, and parents can too. See the town together, talk to others out and about, and maybe stop for some ice cream too!

Burn Calories

With video games, computers, and other indoor activities being so handy, our society has become a bunch of couch potatoes. You don’t need fancy exercise equipment or pricey gym memberships to get a good work out. Remember how active you were as a kid? And all it required was a bicycle! After not being on a bike for several years, I was given a very hard reminder of how good of a workout it really is.

Help the Environment

If you live in a small town like we do, you can save a lot of time in the car by using your bike instead. Go to the store for small items, grab the mail, or go to the library. If it’s a short distance, there’s no reason you can’t ride a bike instead. You’ll be doing the environment a big favor by cutting down the amount of time spent in the car.

We’ve been going on bike rides often now, and loving every minute of it!

PostHeaderIcon Wii Review: My Fitness Coach

Average Score:
4.00 out of 5

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Looking for fitness that isn’t going to break the bank? I’m not a big fan of “buying extras” for a system that already cost a few hundred dollars, so gave this fun fitness game a shot. It hasn’t disappointed me, and I’m glad I bought this instead of the costly Wii Fit bundles.

The Wii My Fitness Coach review you see below covers seven different areas of what we feel is important in an active family game. It is mostly for families looking for great games to play with elementary-aged children, and was tested by a mom, an eight year old boy, and a six year old girl.

Detailed My Fitness Coach Review

Fun Factor – 4 out of 5
If you don’t like to work out, then it’s possible you would score this a bit lower. The score is mostly based on what the game actually is – exercise. This makes it about as fun as it can be at times. Yes, it is work, but it’s also friendly and sometimes enjoyable.

Family/Group Factor – 4 out of 5
After everyone in the house creates a profile (which the beginning tests alone felt like a major workout to me!), there is a nice option for “group workout”. This would work especially nice if two members of the family were aiming at similar goals. I did notice for an age the youngest you can go is born in 2000, but we set one up for my 2002 baby anyway. It was hard to just sit and watch her doing the work – I had to join in even though I’d already done mine for the day! Even the eight year old boy of the house, engrosed in his computer game, paused to watch and then join in at times.

Too Easy or Too Hard – 4 out of 5
The main reason this scored so high in the easy/hard category was because it automatically adjusts to YOU, no matter what your age. Yes, my youngest thought some parts were too hard. However, it stops at intervals to ask how you are doing and if the routines should be eased up or slowed down. Half way through it had already adjusted a bit, so she had no problems at all. For adults it’s pretty simple, but still pushes your own limits just enough.

Activity Factor – 5 out of 5
I don’t think you’ll find many more games for Wii that get you moving more than this one! As you might expect, it gets a 5 in the activity section because there is nothing better than a workout if you want to get fit. It even tells you how many calories you’ve burned after the work out since your age, height, and weight are entered into your profile.

Child Friendly – 2 out of 5
Since this is mostly for adults, it’s not too child friendly. We couldn’t accurately set my daughter’s date of birth, so thus the reason for the lower score. Plus of course it’s a pretty basic workout for adults that she doesn’t quite have the coordination for just yet. The yoga was especially hard for her, although it is for me as well at times.

Variety – 5 out of 5
Even though it’s only for fitness, the variety isn’t bad at all. There’s quite a few different moves you do within the workout, and it quotes that no two are ever the same. There is also an option to include things you already have, such as hand weights, stability ball, and a step. You also get to choose the background music (and the volume), as well as the location.

Addiction – 4 out of 5
The goal system alone was enough to get me addicted. I got to set my own calendar based on the suggestion for my goal, so it gave me a little push to continue on the plan. Plus there are locations and music to unlock if you keep with it, giving you just a tiny extra push.

Additional Comments

Overall I think this is a perfect game for parents looking to get in shape who don’t want to spend the money on the Wii Fit system. I fell in love with it instantly, and enjoy all the play room that it gives for locations, music, and routines. Plus the tracking system is just fantastic, so you really get to see how well you are progressing which keeps you moving toward your goal (which there are several different goals you can set from weight loss to flexibility). There’s a lot of bang for the buck in this one, since a personal trainer could cost some major bucks and you’d have to buy a lot of videos to get the variety in My Fitness Coach!

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