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PostHeaderIcon Printable Checklist for Kids

One of the kids – I will not say who, so I don’t embarrass them – has a bit of a memory problem when it comes to personal care. Then again, proper personal care includes a lot of steps for someone just learning how to take care of themselves. We decided the best way to help them out is with a dry erase checklist….


Remember To.... checklist for the kids

Remember To…. checklist for the kids

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PostHeaderIcon Free Printable Recipe Cards

The term “free” probably sings to you the same way it does me. You can’t go wrong with free!

These free printable recipe cards were made a few years ago, but are still just as popular now as they were then. Each of these cards are 3×5. Simply click on the image of the card you like the best, or simply right click and choose “save as” to save the image. Print from your own computer on any kind of paper you’d like, although I would recommend printing the recipe cards on card stock. You may also want to use a lamination of some sort to protect the cards.

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