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Wall Colors

My dad always stressed to me the importance of white walls. They go with everything, it makes the house easier to sell, and blah blah blah. When I showed him our color scheme for the girl’s bedroom, I thought he was going to have a heart attack.

Since I’ve given up hope of ever selling my house, I thought it was time to paint the walls something other than white. We know it can’t be painted over so easy, but we really don’t care. After seeing the purple and green walls (color scheme pictured above), we totally fell in love. It’s prompted more projects using our two favorite colors and we can’t stop doodling.

Pinterest has lent some amazing kids room decorating ideas for us, and actually where we started before we picked out the two main colors. Of course, when I started looking around, I wanted to immediately rush home and get started. Sadly it has not been a “quick and easy” job transforming the boring bedroom into a semi-teen room, yet we are still pushing forward.

Even though Pinterest got us started, some other neat ideas have been proposed….

Pop Art + Doodling

When my 14-yr-old cousin cut this out of the Monster box, she was really just doing it to keep herself entertained. I, however, saw it as a repurposing project. Pop art, as I’ve been calling it, since it uses modern images and mixed media. We plan to put it in a frame and hang it on the wall for the previously mentioned teen who (obviously) has a fetish for Monsters.

Decorated Outlet Cover

This project came from a pin on Pinterest. Only one word describes it – FUN! It’s so easy to sit and doodle on the blank covers when I’m socializing at The Hot Spot or when the kids and I need something to do. Funny thing is, we’ve had a lot of comments from fellow loungers who absolutely love it. Even my mother-in-law threatened to run off with it, because she LOVES anything purple. I foresee fun and easy Christmas projects!


Additional DIY projects include transforming the broken piano into useful centerpiece, chalkboard painting, and turning a toddler bookshelf into a teen room bookshelf. I wanted to paint my daughter’s dresser, but she’s stuck on it staying a solid black. No worries, I still have my 12-yr-old boy’s room to design and plenty of creativity leftover!