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PostHeaderIcon Zombie Clown for Halloween

I’ve said it a thousand times before, and I will say it again – WE LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Sewing and piecing together handmade Halloween costumes is tradition for our household. This year has been no different. My daughter has always been called the “Halloween baby” because her birthday is in October and because she gets into Halloween the most. Every year she carefully selects what she plans to be for Halloween way ahead of time, so we always have time to put together something awesome. In August she announced her 2012 idea for Halloween…. ZOMBIE CLOWN!

Zombie Clown for Halloween

As with previous years, we had a blast putting this handmade costume together. First, we found the ugliest jumper in our scrap fabrics that fit her almost perfectly. Since it was a little tight, we made some alterations using additional scrap fabric so it had a “clown” look. This included a yellow and pink flower pocket. We also found an old, ugly tie to go along with the “silly” part of the costume.

Second, we dyed her hair fire-engine red. Her short, curly hair was better than any ratty wig we could have purchased in the store. Like I said, we go all out for Halloween, so dying hair was no big deal. In fact, I dyed mine purple the same night!

Finally, the make up. Oh my, how fun this was. We had modeling clay that we discovered gets everywhere and would be perfect as “crusty” clown make up. We touched up some areas with white eye shadow to make it look a little more clown-like. Then came the lipstick that was smeared around her lips to look like she just ate a survivor. We also used the lipstick for her nose and a wound or two. A little blue eye shadow was around her eyes to look like the remains of what once was a “happy” clown.

Overall, this was one of her best costume ideas. I think we did pretty good using the scraps and supplies we already had to make a “dead” clown.

Happy Halloween everyone!