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PostHeaderIcon 4th of July Decorations from Recycled Water Bottles

Over the last few years, we’ve made it a point to reuse and repurpose recycled materials.  Containers, bottles, and cans all make for fantastic craft projects. Making fun projects for the 4th of July only seemed natural. This is a GREAT idea for parties, especially because you make containers for functional party uses PLUS decoration at the same time……

Set of recycled water bottles in red, white, and blue.

Set of recycled water bottles in red, white, and blue.

—-> See Tutorial for Water Bottle Flowers to learn how to make these! <—-

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PostHeaderIcon Recycled Water Bottle Flowers

Recycled Crafts: Water Bottle FlowersWhile I don’t like destroying the earth with my plastic water bottles, I seem to be addicted to them. Thus why when I saw this idea a few years ago, I completely fell in love.

The original video used spray paint, which in it’s way looks beautiful. Since painting is one of my favorite “lazy” activities, painting bottles with acrylic paint has been a normal monthly activity for the past two years. In fact, the family made a Poinsettia chain for a Christmas present to my step mother. She loved it, especially because it was homemade.  We have used variations of flowers by using different water bottles, cutting patterns, and colors.

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PostHeaderIcon Father’s Day Craft Ideas -Sharpie Mugs

My dad is THE hardest person to buy for in the family. We managed to do alright on his 60th birthday, but here comes Father’s Day and we have to plan a perfect gift all over again.

I started with Pinterest, and poked around for “Father’s Day projects”. While most of it is cute gifts from kids (and if you read the last post we did about “Grandpa Pete”, you’ll know we have to avoid non-useful at all costs), there were a few Pinterest projects that gave me inspiration.

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PostHeaderIcon Homemade Valentines ~ Candy Craft Ideas

As mentioned before, I am completely addicted to Pinterest. On any given day, I spend a good 20 minutes checking out crafts, recipes, and “purty stuffs”. I admit, not every project gets done. However, I’m usually pretty good about making at least half of the things I post. Or at the very least, attempting it. Craft fails are almost as fun as successes, are they not?

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PostHeaderIcon Paper Crafts for Kids – Christmas Themed

NaNoWriMo is over finally, and I’m sad to say I didn’t make it to 50,000. However, I did make it stupidly close (was short a whopping 2,200 words) and do plan to publish the book regardless. Hoping it will be available on Kindle somewhere near the beginning of the year, along with the cookbook we have been planning for a few years.

But right now it’s December, so it’s time to start playing with Christmas crafts. The kids and I have been busy testing out some different crafts we found on Pinterest, because The Hot Spot will be a part of the Prairie City Winterfest celebration on Saturday. SUPER excited to be one of the places kids can do free Christmas crafts.

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PostHeaderIcon Rainy Day Craft Idea: Crayola Window Markers

If you are looking for a rainy-day activity, why not try window markers?

When we saw these in the store, we thought they would be perfect for my eight year old daughter. She’s quite the artist, and loves decorating all kinds of surfaces (including ones she’s not allowed to!). We let her draw her heart out on the big bay window in the living room, and she had a blast.

On the window, it looks like a combination of marker and crayon. The markers do not wipe off too easy, so allows kids to draw freely without accidentally wiping any off on their clothing or hands. It should be noted these are “washable”, and will take a cleaner of some sort to take it off. However, we used a simple all-purpose cleaner from the Dollar Tree, and it came off super easy. In fact, it was so simple to clean up, even the kids could do it. I would assume any decent window cleaner or another all-purpose cleaner would do the trick.  This makes it a perfect addition to our art supplies, since the kids can clean it up very easily themselves when they are done.

These are available in just about every art supply store, Amazon, or directly off the Crayola store. We found ours in the local grocery store, so keep your eyes open for these gems.

A big thumbs up from mom and kids both!