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PostHeaderIcon Rainy Day Craft Idea: Crayola Window Markers

If you are looking for a rainy-day activity, why not try window markers?

When we saw these in the store, we thought they would be perfect for my eight year old daughter. She’s quite the artist, and loves decorating all kinds of surfaces (including ones she’s not allowed to!). We let her draw her heart out on the big bay window in the living room, and she had a blast.

On the window, it looks like a combination of marker and crayon. The markers do not wipe off too easy, so allows kids to draw freely without accidentally wiping any off on their clothing or hands. It should be noted these are “washable”, and will take a cleaner of some sort to take it off. However, we used a simple all-purpose cleaner from the Dollar Tree, and it came off super easy. In fact, it was so simple to clean up, even the kids could do it. I would assume any decent window cleaner or another all-purpose cleaner would do the trick.  This makes it a perfect addition to our art supplies, since the kids can clean it up very easily themselves when they are done.

These are available in just about every art supply store, Amazon, or directly off the Crayola store. We found ours in the local grocery store, so keep your eyes open for these gems.

A big thumbs up from mom and kids both!