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PostHeaderIcon Addicted to Swagbucks – A review


Over a month ago, I began searching for ways to make a few extra bucks online that wouldn’t interfere with other daily activities, and was something I could do “on the side”. What I found was mostly junk, but among it all one tiny gem…Swagbucks.

If you are looking for an actual “job”, this isn’t it. Swagbucks is an incentive site, meaning you get points (or “Swagbucks”) for completing activities. Some involve shopping or signing up to certain things, while other activities are what you might find on other incentive-based websites (like surveys). What I do, though, is nothing more than viewing promotions, videos, or websites. Completely and 100% free activities that do NOT load my inbox down with junk mail. Discover -> Encrave is where you will find these free and easy activities that add up to 100+ Swagbucks per day.

More Swagbucks can be earned from meeting daily bonuses, searching the web with their search engine (although I would not replace Google for serious searches), and catching their codes that are dropped daily (usually around 2-5 Swagbucks per code). These may not add up to much, but in the long run, it helps to make up your daily minimums.


A Swagbuck is worth a penny, more or less. To “cash in”, you buy gift cards to major retailers (Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, etc). Although my favorite is the $25 Paypal option, which basically converts my “bucks” into real cash. Since we pay Netflix and Hulu out of our PayPal account, I’ve managed to actually PAY for both these services with nothing but Swagbucks.

Not only have I cashed in twice in about a month and a half (yes, that’s TWO $25 Paypal deposits in less than 2 months), but the monthly bonuses (which totaled over 500 Swagbucks) make it super easy to save up for more gift cards later on. I have plans to cash in later this year, so those gift cards can be used as Christmas gifts. So to sum it up, Swagbucks is paying for Hulu, Netflix, AND Christmas presents. Awesome, right?

Overall, if you are spending time clicking around the web anyway, I suggest doing it through Swagbucks. Why not make a few bucks while doing what you already do online?

PostHeaderIcon Teaching Your Kids to Save Money

Saving MoneyMoney can be tempting to spend for everyone. Kids especially want to immediately spend it on toys, candy, or other cool items that are a “must have”. This is why it is so important that we teach kids to save money. If we as parents effectively teach them the importance of saving money and buying only necessities, then we hopefully will raise responsible, self-funding adults.

Here are a few ideas you can use to help teach your kids the importance of money. Some ideas involve crafty ideas that fully involve the kids in counting, saving, and goal setting.

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