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PostHeaderIcon Final Penny Project Update

Finally, finally! After what seems like a year’s worth of work, the “Penny Project” is finished. Or at least we think it’s finished. You never can tell with us, if we’re going to add more embellishments or not. But the main issue with the previous version was a lack of boarder, and I believe we’ve accomplished that….

Treasure - Penny Project

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PostHeaderIcon Penny Project Update

As we were writing our book, Recycled Crafts, there was a project we coined “The Penny Project”.  I knew wouldn’t be *completely* finished in time for the book release, but that was alright. Instructions for making “Penny letters” was complete, and up to the reader to decide what comes next. Here’s the expert from the book on the penny project….

 Step 3 – Attach Pennies

We used sparkle Mod Podge, so that it would add a bit more bling to the letters. It acted like a sealer and glue for the pennies.

Here’s the finished letters: Penny Letters

This project is far from finished, as we plan to make a large sign for the living room. However, we hope this tutorial gives you an idea or two on phrases for your wall, using cardboard as a background.

(Exert from Recycled Crafts: Crafts Made from Recycled Items)

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PostHeaderIcon Back To School Sewing – Lunch Bags

I’ve been in such a sewing mood lately I just had to make something useful for the kids. The boy declined a handmade lunch bag, but he’s 11 so I forgive him. My 8 year old daughter, on the other hand, was super excited about it.

The fabric she picked out came from Joann. Originally it was to make a quilt from, but I couldn’t resist using it for some back-to-school stuff. Especially because of the girly sports theme.

I absolutely stink at making my own patterns or instructions for others to share, although seem to do alright when I design them on the fly. Sometimes it involves ripping out a few seams, but usually projects come out looking like they are suppose to.

Obviously this one isn’t my best work, but the girl is happy with it, so that’s all that matters. I started by reading over a few tutorials on lunch sacks, including a pretty easy lunch sack from Simplicity.

Since we’ve been on a mission to “go green” and recycle, I didn’t have special fabric or “real” insulation, nor did I want to buy it just for one project. However, we did include batting so it will keep foods semi-cool. The up side is it’s 100% washable in the machine, and I don’t have to worry about special care instructions.

I also added a strap to make it a bit easier to tote around, something I didn’t see much of on other patterns.  It’s a simple “sew together and pull inside out” strap, which totally works for a little girl.

Hopefully my pattern skills will improve so I can share more projects in the new future!

PostHeaderIcon Cheap Craft Supplies Online

Idea Queen is big on bargain shopping. Why pay full price for the “latest and greatest” when “tried and true” is just as cheap? Sure you could visit your local dollar store for quite a few of your crafting supplies, but if you want to get serious, you may have to do some digging online.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite places to shop for cheap craft supplies online. Each of these stores have excellent ratings, are trusted, and listed for both their prices and selection. Do feel free to comment and add your own to this list!

Probably one of the largest craft supply stores online we’ve ever seen. Doesn’t matter what kind of crafts your in search of, chances are they’ll have it. Everything from scrapbooking to sewing, to casual crafting. There’s some pretty good deals going on here, especially when you take advantage of their bulk offers and clearance items. Since this site is all about the savings, it’s one of the best places for cheap craft supplies online.

Kids craft kits at S&S Worldwide One of our absolute favorite place to find cheap craft supplies online. S&S Worldwide tends to focus on bulk supplies though, but the price per individual item is pretty low. They’ve also got a lot of craft kits for sale, making is a pretty nice site for daycare providers, homeschooling networks, and teachers. Also a great site to hit if you need crafts for a birthday party!

Don’t write this one off as “name brand is higher priced” just yet. We did some digging and found some prices (and really, really cool crafts) are cheaper here than other places. Do some poking around, I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many cheap craft supplies they have!
You might have to do a little price comparing here, but there were a few items we’ve cross-checked with other sites and found them lower. They also have more “serious” crafting supplies for those involved in big projects or as a business.
Personally I love this site for their fabric prices. About the only place I know to beat them is Walmart, and I despise the cheap fabric there. Joann has the quality AND the great prices, so it’s mostly where my fabric comes from. They have other crafting supplies too, but more so for the serious crafts or adult projects. Kids crafts on this site tend to run a little high.
Now we couldn’t forget Amazon, could we? If your a bargain hunter, you must visit this site. They don’t always have the lowest prices, but a lot of times they do. Plus there’s multiple buying options and supplies, so their prices are hard to beat in many areas.

This list of places to buy cheap craft supplies online should at least get you started. No matter what you need supplies for, you should be able to find them at any of the sites we’ve mentioned!