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PostHeaderIcon Goosebumps Books – Night of the Living Dummy

This recommendation comes from the 9-yr old boy, who absolutely loves Goosebumps books. He’s picked out a few of his favorites, which I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks in parts. Yes, he really does read THIS MUCH that we had to break up this selection of books in to parts!

Night of the Living Dummy

To start off, we’re going to share Chase’s love for a particular series within the Goosebumps series – Night of the Living Dummy. These he’s read a few times, and are fantastic for those just starting out reading Goosebumps. They encourage kids to keep reading on their favorite characters, then expand to a favorite author.

Here’s a list of all the Night of the Living Dummy books:

Night Of The Living Dummy
Night of the Living Dummy II
Night Of The Living Dummy III
Bride of the Living Dummy
Revenge of the Living Dummy (from Horrorland Series)

5 books in all, each guaranteed to spook little readers, yet keep them begging for more of not just our friend Slappy, but Goosebumps in general. Highly recommended by 9yr old Chase!

PostHeaderIcon Recommended Reading Lists

We’ve added a brand new section here on Idea Queen, born out of my and the boy’s love for good books. Within this category you’ll see some of our personal recommended reading lists for adults and kids. You can read a little more about us here, and what we like, or you can skip right to some recommended reading from Amazon

Mom’s Reading Habbits

No one ever accused the Idea Queen of being a girly girl. Romance novels are out, and chances are you won’t see a single one on my recommended reading lists. I much prefer stories about ghosts, horror, and all things unnatural. My all time favorite, hands down, is Stephen King. You’ll see quite a few of his books popping up on my list!

Chase’s Reading Habits

Chase is a 9yr old boy, with a taste for horror just like his mom. You’ll find a lot of Goosebumps books on his list, with R.L. Stine being one of his favorite authors. Just like all boys his age, he also likes anything goofy. Jim Davis will show up in this section often as well.

Jillian’s Reading Habits

While Jillian is just starting to read on her own, she knows what she likes. Being a 7yr old girl, she loves series books or books featuring a single character. Amelia Bedelia has always been one of her favorites, but she’s slowly finding other characters as well. Her recommended reading will be more for the youngest crowd, with very little horror involved.

About the Reading Corner

Our new section here on Idea Queen, which we’ve labeled, the Reading Corner, will feature recommended reading lists from all three of us. We’ll post book reviews, general recommendations, and other suggestions based on our reading taste. We’re not exactly normal, but we hope you’ll find some fun books to read based on our suggestions.

As always, your own suggestions are welcome!