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PostHeaderIcon Disney Princess Room Decorations

I like to think of myself as a frugal shopper. If I can find the easiest and cheapest room decorations, I’m all over it. Plus when it comes to room decorations, I’m more likely to find items that are easily changed later on as tastes change. This is especially true when dealing with things meant for little ones, as they’ll eventually grow out of it.

Here are a few inexpensive items we’ve found for Disney Princess room decorations:

Disney Princess Bedding

BeddingIf your doing a room in the princess theme, you can’t forget the bedding! This is something you need regardless, so I feel like this cost is more than justified. I absolutely love Amazon for their prices on lots of stuff like this. You can find the pictured Disney Princess Bedding (Twin Three Piece Comforter Set) at Amazon for no more than you’d pay for any other bedding set.

If you want to go a little cheaper and use, say, regular pink bedding, you can decorate just a touch with something as simple (and cheap!) as a Disney Princess Pillow Case Set (2 Pillowcases).

Room Organizers

You can never have enough organizers in a house, and especially in a kid’s room. We area ALWAYS in search of more storage options for toys, clothes, and other items. Check out this Disney Princess 3 Bin Organizer with Roll Out Toy Box available at Amazon. This is one item that might outlive your little girl’s obsession with princess items, but you’ll still get a lot of use out of it.

If you want something a little different, you can also check out this Disney Princess Chair Desk with Pull Out Under The Seat Storage Bin also available at Amazon. Decoration, organization, and something extra useful all in one. Very adorable, too!

Disney Princess Wall Decorations

wall appliques
Princess and Pearls Self-Stick Wall Appliques
I can’t think of a cheaper way to decorate walls with your favorite Disney princesses. You can start with white walls and add and kind of wall decorations you want. The above is just one example of the several styles available.

Other Disney Princess Room Decorations

Now that we’ve covered a few of the basics, here’s a few more additional items for decoration a room in the princess theme.

Disney Princess Room D├ęcor in a Box
Doesn’t get much easier than this. There’s all kinds of stuff in this box, including wall decor, hangers, bookends, and more. Worth checking out that’s for sure, especially at the price (much, much less than you’d think for all that’s included!)

Marshmallow Fun Furniture High Back Chair
Chairs are awesome. Even after they grow out of the character, they tend to still use the chair. We’ve got a few around here that get drug into the livingroom on a daily basis. Perfect for movie watching, playing games on the TV, or just hanging out.

Still need a few more ideas? Check out the full line of Disney Princess Room Decorations on Amazon

PostHeaderIcon Pink Princess Theme Room

Most little girls absolutely love the color pink, and love to be the princess, too. Here are some ideas on how to transform your little girl’s room into a room fit for a princess, but leaving room to easily change the decor without major remodeling later on.


I strongly advice against painting the walls pink. They don’t stay little forever, and will most likely want a different color on their walls when they get over. Keep it white and use accents or murals. You’ll be glad you did later on. (When I was a kid, my room was painted pink at my dad’s house. I thought it was somewhat cool at the time, but absolutely HATED it it when I was a teen. Trust me on keeping it white!)

Example of Wall Decor:
Princess Castle Self-Stick Mini Wall Mural 36-Inch x 40-Inch

Window Treatments

Another very easy addition to your pink princess theme room is curtains and other window treatments. It’s not hard to find pink “frilly” curtains for a girl’s princess room. Plus these are easy to change as their tastes change. You can add something simple like the example linked below, or something a little more depending on your little one’s taste.

Example of Pink Princess Curtains:
Disney Tinkerbell “Flowing Butterflies” Window Valance


Lamps can be fun and really “light up” the whole room. There are some really fun lamps to chose from now, so be sure to look around. While it’s simple to just choose a pink lamp, you can also pick up one that focuses on their favorite princess (or just princess in general).

Example of Pink Princess Lighting:
Children’s Cute Desk or Table Lamp for Girls


This one is pretty easy, since you can find pink princess bedding just about anywhere. One of the most popular is the Disney princesses. They never seem to go out of style. Other pink bedding (maybe with some frills) would work as well.

Example of Princess Bedding:
Princess Rose Garden Comforter

Another option for the bed is a canopy. This idea stems back to the 16th century, when royalty had canopy beds and beautiful drapes over their bed. You can find the entire canopy and bed all together, or sometimes just buy the canopy. The canopy alone really isn’t all that expensive

Example of a Canopy:
Princess Canopy By Sid Trading

Additional Decor

Here’s where you can get really creative and pull the whole theme together. There is so many different types of princess decor out there, including a ‘general’ princess theme, Dora princess (great for little ones), and Disney princess. Decor would include not just wall decor, but furniture as well.

Example of Additional Princess Decor:
Disney Princess 3 Bin Organizer with Roll Out Toy Box in Pretty Pink

I hope these suggestions and examples give you some ideas on how to create a pink princess theme room for your little princess!