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PostHeaderIcon Gardening Supplies Online

Even though I’ve been a bit lazy this year doesn’t mean everyone else has. To be honest, I haven’t even started planning my garden, let alone buying up supplies. About all I’ve accomplished is on a whim grabbing a package of mixed pepper seeds. It looked fun, and I figure I can just toss them in the ground to see what comes up.

We need more than just pepper seeds, though. We also need some more gardening tools since mine all have seemed to walk away. That’s when I turn to one of my favorite stores for gardening supplies online – Nature Hills Nursery.

This store has got just about everything you could think of for plants, seeds, and trees. Not just dried bulbs and seeds either, but LIVE plants. They’ve also got books, weeding supplies, and garden decorations. About the only thing I couldn’t find here is a tiller, but I’d recommend finding that on Amazon anyway.

Be sure to check them out if your shopping for gardening supplies online!

PostHeaderIcon Webkinz of the Month – April 2010

Even after 2 years, Webkinz is still pretty popular in our household. While the kids don’t play as often as they use to, they still get on to check their friends every once in awhile.

If your looking to get started or want to add to your collection, why not pick up the Pet of the Month and get some fun bonuses?

The Webkinz Pet of the Month for April 2010 is the Lion, which happens to be a retired pet. Not to worry! Amazon still offers this Webkinz and for about the same price as you’ll find any Webkinz pets.

Have fun playing with your Webkinz pets!