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PostHeaderIcon Snow Day Activities

When the snow starts coming down and the kids are cheering “Snow day! Yay!”, most the time us parents are wondering how we’re going to survive yet another day trapped inside.

The kid may not be crazy about all these snow day ideas, but they can be sanity savers for moms. Plus it makes use of “lost day” so to speak.

1. Bring out the Games
Have a Wii? Special computer games? Other game systems? Or maybe (*gasp!*) actual board games? Bring em out and get to playing! Have competitions, see who can beat who in how much time. Just spend some times together! (I recommend the Wii the most, of course, since it will keep you all active AND playing together. Snow day doesn’t have to mean “sitting on your rear” day!)

2. Clean the House
Take a look around, are there projects you have put aside for “one of these days”? Well, today might just be that day. Clean out your closets, organize the junk drawers, go through that stack of papers you’ve been meaning to get to. You’re stuck inside, so why not?

3. Bake Goodies

I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold winter’s day than baking. Dust off those old recipe books and get to making some of your favorites. You may not be able to get out of the house to get some of the ingredients, but chances are there’s some easy ones you can still make. Sugar cookies comes to mind, and I think we all have the stuff to make those at all times. Make some variations if you have to, just have fun!

Have some snow day activities you’ve used in the past? Post them below!