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Teen Birthday Party Ideas - 13th, 18th, and 21st

You can no longer deny that this child is growing up. They are now into the years of make-up, girls/boys, cars, parties, and all sorts of worries for parents. While they may be growing up, you're never too old for a family teen birthday party (even if it's a short one!).

The following are teen birthday party ideas for ages 13-21. It's broken down into three sections by age group: 13th Birthday Party, 18th Birthday Party, and 21st Birthday Party. While 21st isn't exactly "teen" anymore, we decided it still could be placed on this page because after all - they are still your child!

Teen Birthday Party Ideas: Games

Some might think on their 13th birthday, 18th birthday, or 21st birthday party that they are too old to play games. Good thing this ebook features games for all ages - teens and adults included! You can make the teen birthday party ideas extra special by letting them pick out their own "adult" games.

88 Group Party Games
Group Party Games

Need some ideas for games to go with the teen birthday party ideas? This ebook is jammed packed with over 80 different games to go along with your birthday party ideas. Best of all, this ebook has games for all ages! No matter if you are looking for bithday party ideas for kids, adults, or teenages, this ebook has games for all!

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Teen Birthday Party Ideas: 13th Birthday Party

Always an exciting age, but sometimes a confusing one. It marks the end of childhood and the begining of the teenage years. Deep down though, they are still children. For that reason you want to come up with great teen birthday party ideas.

Some ideas for a 13th birthday party include:

Rent a motel room
Renting a motel room can be a very fun teen birthday party idea. Just rent a room, two if you can get on that connects (this is the ideal situation). You'll have a fun "mini vacation", and so will the kids at your child's 13th birthday party.

Rent the local pool
This teen birthday party idea might not always be possible, but if you live in a small town it might be. Rates will vary, and this idea will only work for a summer teen birthday idea.

Rent a local skating rink
Is the party in the middle of the winter? Rent a skating rink or ice skating rink instead! This will not only work for a 13th birthday party, but for younger kids as well

Shopping day
While it may not be the most cost effective of teen birthday party ideas, it's a pretty simple one. You can keep close to a group of giggling pre-teens, but still distant enough to make your 13yr old feel as though she's getting a bit more independance. Plus if your child loves to shop, being able to shop with friends somewhat alone will make for a great 13th birthday party.

Day Out
If shopping, swimming, or skating isn't there "thing", ask them where they would like to go. This might be a favorite restaraunt, an amusement park, or another favorite spot. Let them take a few friends and spend the day out doing what they want to do.

Teen Birthday Party Ideas: 18th Birthday Party

The age marking legal adult. Congrats, you survived! While the chances of them wanting a party are slim, you could still make a nice gesture by taking them out to eat or making a favorite home cooked meal and allowing their guests over.

Another option is giving them access to your credit card (if they can be trusted and a limit set). Send them off to the mall and let them do what they want. At this age, an 18th birthday party will really be up to them, so be sure to ask what they want for their birthday!

21st Birthday Party Ideas

If you are a family member planning a 21st birthday party, you might want to just leave it up to them. Take them out for dinner instead.

If you really want to do something special for their 21st birthday party, you could take them to a place that was previously off limits before such as comedy clubs, gambling, etc. Money is always the best gift for this age.

Other Teen Birthday Party Ideas

While it may be hard to decide what's going on inside a teenager's mind, you can still give come up with great teen birthday party ideas. Take them out to their favorite restaurant along with a few of their closest friends, or treat them to a movie (giving them enough money for tickets for them and a few friends).

Chances are at this age, the last thing they want is to (*gasp!*) be seen with parents. Allowing some freedom might be the best thing, and letting them choose their own teen birthday party celebration (within limits) will give them the control they need at this age.

With any age, unless you are planning a surprise birthday party, be sure to include the person you are planning for. Doing that make sure they will enjoy their own teen birthday party. Even the simplest of gestures can be all some teens need!

Still need some teen birthday party ideas? Amazon has a highly recommended book all about milestone birthdays. This includes 13th birthday party, 21st birthday party, teen birthday party ideas, and much more. Over 50 theme ideas are included in this book, and it will come in handy for parties aside from your teen. Click the link to check it out!

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Memorable Milestone Birthdays:
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