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Thanksgiving Ideas by Idea Queen

    Thanksgiving Ideas

    The month of November we are usually getting ready for the next holiday - Thanksgiving. Of course Christmas is right around the corner, so it might be hard to focus on Thanksgiving ideas! If you need a bit of help, grab some ideas from the pages listed. Here you'll find crafts, foods, and even some gift ideas.


    Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas
    We all know you're suppose to cook turkey for Thanksgiving. But what about the rest? This page will give you some ideas on additional quick and easy recipes for Thanksgiving.

    Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
    Turkey crafts and more with a focus on kids craft ideas for Thanksgiving.

    Thanksgiving Gift Baskets
    Need some ideas on what to put in a gift basket? No matter what the reason, you are sure to find some neat ideas on this page.

    Thanksgiving Placemats
    Great ideas for Thanksgiving placemats are included on this page. Ideas for both buying and making your own listed.

    Thanksgiving Decorations
    Lots of Thanksgiving ideas for decorations to make. If you have an idea, be sure to submit it! We give full credit for any ideas.

    Other Thanksgiving Ideas

    The following Thanksgiving idea was sent to us by a visitor. If you have your own Thanksgiving ideas to send, be sure to use the form below to contact us!

    " Here is a Thanksgiving Idea I have done with children. To teach them the value of thanks and appreciation, I had children make Thanksgiving Cards to send to residents of a nursing home. Children learned many lessons by doing this, and nursing home residents felt appreciated and warmth for being remembered."
    Faten Abdallah

    Submit Your Thanksgiving Ideas
    Have an idea to share with us? Fill out the form below. If you have a website, be sure to include your link! We give full credit for any ideas used on the site. Your email address is always kept private.

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