Peanut Butter In School – Is your child at risk?

With the risk of tainted peanut butter and other health issues, I find myself asking WHY the schools are still serving it. Until my daughter started complaining of a stomach ache the other night, I didn’t even know we had a “Peanut butter and jelly sandwich table” at school for the kids who finish all their lunch. Since my kid is quite the eater and overweight, of course she joins that table.

Yesterday my son came home from school shortly after lunch complaining of stomach cramps, which the school nurse has said “is going around”. She listed a few symptoms that sounded an awful lot like salmonella, and I questioned her about the peanut butter outbreak. She was aware of it, but new little. This wasn’t the first time he was sick, either. A few weeks ago while visiting his dad, he was very sick after eating something from the local recall list.

With all this going around at school, I decided to do a little research. My son’s symptoms were probably not caused by contaminated peanut butter (or jelly, since these kids make their own sandwiches and that’s all he ate). At least not from yesterday’s lunch. Usually it takes anywhere from 6 to 72 for symptoms to start showing up (which my daughter’s complaint of a stomach ache very well may have been, since it was near bed time we started to talk about it, even though no real illness materialized).

I could be overreacting here, but then again, I may not be. What I don’t understand is why the school is not pulling the peanut butter products with the recall list growing daily. Are we waiting for a child to get seriously ill at our school before they stop giving it to the kids? The nurse even mentioned a few illnesses that resemble salmonella, so why not be on the safe side?

I’m sickened by all this, I really am. I also feel helpless with this school system yet again, because I feel like the one place my children should be safe they aren’t.  The best I can do is talk to my kids and tell them to avoid the peanut butter. I even sent a note the other day with my youngest, mostly because of her weight issues, telling them she is to be excluded from “extra meals”.

Check at your own schools to see if peanut butter is still being served. We may be overreacting, but I don’t see it being worth the risk to trust anything with peanut butter at this point.

See more information on the recalls here.

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2 Responses to “Peanut Butter In School – Is your child at risk?”

  1. Anita Says:

    You know, this really burns me. Unfortunately, I think this post should be brought to the attention of all moms! (Or anyone other parent or gardian!)

    How many of us are assuming that Peanut Butter is not being served to our children? I know I was assuming – now I’m not so sure if I should be assuming or not.

    After a breif review of my children’s lunch menu for today sure enough – I found peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

    Now granted, these menus are written and printed way ahead of time so there’s a very good chance that it was written before the recall. Who knows – I will when my children return from school today.

    The menu said they would have a choice of PB&J and Lebanon Bologna. I of course told my children they absolutely must pick the latter. I’m curious though to see if peanut butter and jelly is still a choice for them.

    If it is – I will be absolutely livid! I really don’t care where the breakouts were and weren’t found!

    Who’s to say it just hasn’t happened yet?

    Who’s to say it’s not in that next jar of peanut butter waiting to be opened?

    Why take the risk?

    Why even consider serving it? It’s just not worth the risk – period. Not when it’s something as simple as removing the peanut butter and just serving jelly. So you might tick off a kid or two. So be it!

    To be very blunt, it all boils down to this: Would you rather a complaining child who’s alive or a dead one?

    It’s simply NOT worth the risk!

    Why would any school even consider taking the risk? Of all places – a school!!

    Most kids aren’t going to know there’s the danger with salmonella! You serve them a PB&J and they’re going to gobble it up. Why? Because most kids love PB&J and I would think most parents are going to assume they’re not serving peanut butter right now!

    Again, at a school?!? What is wrong with these people?!? Why take the risk – it’s simply NOT worth it!

    Make sure peanut butter is not being served to your child right now!

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