Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas by Idea Queen

Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Basket ideas can be a snap, and include many items personalized for the one receiving the gift. Here's a list of some classic items to include in your gift basket:

Heart shaped box of chocolates
Wine or non-alcoholic wine
Romantic Books or Valentine's Day Related Books
Rose Petals or Roses
Bath & Body Items
Scented Candles
Heart Shaped Candy (any kind)

Valentine's Day Books

If you need some help deciding on a book, check Amazon's list of romance novels and Valentine's Day related books. Amazon has a very large list of books and other items, most with reviews so you are sure to make the right choice.

Click Here for Romance Novels

Click Here for Valentine's Day Books

For some extra special treats to add to your Valentine's Day Gift Basket, you might also try this book:

Valentine Treats: Recipes and Crafts for the Whole Family (Treats)
A cute book full of crafts and recipes specifically for Valentine's Day. Great reviews from Amazon, so I recommend taking a look!

As with any gift basket, be sure to get creative and add your own touch!

Specific Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas

The following ideas were pulled from our collection of recipes and other articles which do not have authors. Even still, we think these Valentine's Day gift basket ideas are wonderful! If you have your own ideas, please be sure to submit them below.

Valentine's Day Gift Basket
Put into large decorated cardboard heart box:
pink sugar cookies you've made yourself
their favorite sappy movie
wine or de-alcohol wine
scented candles
heart candies or chocolates
a coupon for a free back rub you will be giving
a romantic music CD
bubble bath

Lover's Gift Basket
several scented candles,
a cassette tape with romantic music,
a good bottle of wine or brandy,
two glasses,
a bottle of massage oil,
some good chocolates,
a cardboard note to hang on the door that says "Do Not Disturb".

Include a card with instructions to read "Close the door, turn off the phone. Enjoy together your precious time alone."

Special Friend Gift Basket
a letter telling them why you appreiciate them (leave it unsigned)
candies, sweets and cookies
a book that only you would know they would like
scented candles
a book about friendship or poems about friendship
a movie only you would know they would like
popcorn kernals with their favorite spices
anything else that is personal between you and your friend that they would like

Wine Lover's Gift Basket
Fill a basket with:
two bottles of quality wine, one red, one white
2 or more wine glasses
wine appreciation book
tickets or an invitation to a wine tasting (often held at wine specialty shops or wineries)
Extras : add snacks to go with the wine - fine cheese, fruit, crackers, etc.

Wine or Beer Making Gift Basket
Fill a box with:
wine or beer kit
empty bottles
personalized or novelty wine/beer labels
beer caps or wine corks

Additional Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas

Gift Jars & Gift Baskets

Gift jars are a semi-new idea, and have become very popular over the last few years. It's a decorative way to give family and friends starter mixes for different types of food. Just use basic canning jars which can be picked up at almost any store, add your ingredients, and decorate. Makes for a nice gift for those who do light cooking, and can also be used inside of gift baskets.

Ideas Queen has put together a package of ebooks featuring gift jar recipes and gift basket ideas. In our Gift Jar Recipes & Homemade Gift Basket Ideas package, you'll find the following ebooks:

200 Gift Jar Recipes
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99 Gift Basket Ideas
A gift basket idea for everyone on your list! They've left noone out of this guide - featuring gift baskets for children, adults, grandparents, gardeners, business people, campers, collectors, and many others.

Bonus - Guide to Decorating a Cake
Also included in this package is a free ebook titled "A Beginner's Guide to Decorating a Cake". Very detailed information with useful tips. Pictures included!

All three of these ebooks are availabe in one small package. If you are working on inexpensive Christmas gift ideas or need ideas for any time of year, this is a must have! You'll save money in the long run using many of these great ideas for inexpensive gifts all year round.

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Gift Jars and Gift Baskets

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