Cheap Websites for Sale by Idea Queen

Cheap Websites for Sale

Looking to build your own website but really don't know where to start? Sometimes starting with a premade website is easier, faster, and can produce more income from the start than building your own. Below you'll find the websites we have created and are now looking to sell.

If you are interested in any of the sites listed, contact us at contact @ (without the spaces), or by using the form below.

Webkinz Animals

Built for Search Engines, but user friendly! A great starter site for those interested in SEO marketing.

This website has a listing of Webkinz animals currently availble for purchase. Uses basic HTML. Current income from Google Adsense and affiliate ads (Amazon,, Strawberry Central, and Beals Florida).

The idea behind this site was to create search engine friendly landing pages to specific Webkinz animals that are heavily searched for. Terms such as "Buy webkinz" and "Webkinz Plush" or "Panda Webkinz" are used within the site to draw in visitors from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Currently 33 pages are indexed in Google for the various main pages and individual pets. This is a fraction of what could be indexed if this site would be finished. Even as-is, this site produces sales at least once a month from it's ads and affiliate links. If finished, this could be an awesome residual income money maker.

We'll also walk you step by step to get you started on your first few pages, and show you how we've completed the pages shown.

Asking Price: $350

Free Kids Crafts

This site has AMAZING potential simply based on it's domain name, age, and PR. This one has been sitting around just hanging out for a few years, and produced some side income on Google Adsense ads. Aside from a quick face lift, nothing has been done with it in the past 2 years or so.

This site is built using WordPress and has various plug-ins added to make it more search engine friendly. It's easy to update without logging into FTP or uploading files - all you need to do is log into the back office of Wordpress to add or edit pages.

We'll help you step by step to get your first page or two set up.

Asking Price: $350

Fun Contests Online

If you love a good contest, why not try your hand at hosting them?

This site is newer than the rest in our collection, but has absolutely amazing stats. In less than a month, this site had more than 100 visitors a day coming to enter our contests. Some of the prizes were donations, while a few were out of our own pocket. The newsletter list was rediculously easy to build in such a short amount of time (due to privacy policies, we can not give away this list, but we assure you it's VERY easy to build one of your own).

Also built in Wordpress, it's extremely easy to update with just a few clicks. Add or edit pages within the back office. We'll be sure to help you step by step on getting your first few pages set up, AND give you the list of places to submit your contests to.

Asking Price: $250

Spongebob and Friends

Up for grabs here is the DOMAIN NAME only. If you'd like to grab the website files off it, you are welcome to, but we will offer no support on what you might find here. This domain has been sitting for a few years collecting dust, but has still produced a sale or two a month.

Based on the age of the domain name (3+ years) and the name, we think it could be a very easy site to turn into quick cash.

Asking Price: $100

Mom's Market

Go easy on me fokes, this here's my baby. That's right, the ORIGINAL site I started out with is up for sale now. I have long ago left the WAHM world, and just simply do not have time for it anymore.

Here is the main reason why this site is absolutely amazing, and you'd be silly to pass up buying it: It has a PR3. Not even the home page of Idea Queen has this. It took years to build it up to that point.

What's for sale is what you get. There's been a ton of different layouts and extra pages added to it over the years, but I highly doubt you want them. The site is being sold as a product review site for the WAHM community, but there's room for a whole lot more to be added as it's been built using WordPress. Easy to update and edit!

While it's hard to put a price on a site you've held so close to you for so many years (nearly 8 years, actually), I have to. The name, age, and PR alone is worth it's weight in gold, so it's a steal at what we're offering it for.

Asking Price: $950

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