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Healthy Weight Loss Plans

This is the most simple of all healthy weight loss plans, and best of all it works! If you only need to loose 10lbs, this is a very simple idea. It requires a little more hard work from you if you need to loose more weight, but you can still stick to it.


Let me start off first by saying I am no doctor. The following healthy weight loss plans are of my own research, and have helped me to loose weight in the past. It's simple, healthy, and doesn't require starving yourself. I am an average person, and what I'm about to share is references from my own experience.

Counting Calories

Start with visiting this website:

Click on the links for the "Calories Burned" calculator. Enter your current weight, height, and age, then enter all the activities you've done so far.

Next, go to the Food Calories & Nutrition Calculator. Enter anything you've eatten today or plan to eat. You'll see exactly how many calories you've taken in.

If you've burned more calories than you've taken in, congratulations! If you've taken in more than you've burned, time to get to work. You don't always have to excercise to loose weight, but it helps. Just get active and to more than you take in, and the weight will melt off.

3 Hour Diet

It's come to my attention recently about the need to feed our bodies every three hours. You may have heard in the past about eatting 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 large meals. This is very important if you want to stick with any healthy weight loss plans!

Your body NEEDS food. Making yourself hungry is only going to slow down the weight loss, and make it easier to slip on your diet. This doesn't mean you snack on cookies and cake all day, though. Instead, pick healthy, low calories foods. Fruits, breads, smoothies, veggies, grains, and more can make great snacks.

You'll also want to cut back on your main meals as well. Don't over eat at supper time. Watch your portions!

Additional Notes

Loosing weight doesn't have to be about eatting less and taking away snacks, or even going to the gym every day. Creating good eating habits and getting active can stick with you for a life time. Using the above information can help you jump start your own healthy weight loss plans.

Some simple facts to help you with your plan:

3,500 calories burned = 1 pound
1 fat gram = 9 calories
1 carb = 4 calories

Good luck!

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