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4.86 out of 5
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If you could only have one Wii game, this would probably be it. It’s our favorite game without a doubt, and scores high in all the categories we’ve set up for our Nintendo Wii game reviews. The review you see below covers seven different areas of what we feel is important in an active family game. It is mostly for families looking for great games to play with elementary-aged children, and was tested by a mom, an eight year old boy, and a six year old girl.

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Detailed Review of Wii Sports

Fun Factor – 4 out of 5
This has quickly become a daily family activity since bringing home the Wii. My eight year old son loves the golf of all things, and to play against people. My six year old daughter loves the boxing the most (go figure!) and gets quite a workout in the process. I enjoy all the sports as well, even though I was never the type who did, and play it often while they are at school. We have a blast!

Family/Group Factor – 5 out of 5
Even with only one remote, we can all do quite a bit together. We’ve had so many bowling tournements we could probably be classified as a bowling alley now. The kids have had friends over (beating them all badly, I might add), and we’ve had an adult party as well that was just loads of fun. My son and I also challenge eachother on the training section in all the sports, taking turns beating each other in various categories (I was recently beat in a home run contest by an eight year old, and I’m admitting it!).

Too Easy or Too Hard – 5 out of 5
The learning curve for these games is very small, and within the hour both children (and my clumsy self) had the hang of them all. Not to say they aren’t still challenging, though. Oh no, we all have our own strong points and weaknesses that we are constantly working on.

Activity Factor – 5 out of 5
After the first day of playing, I woke up to some very sore muscles the next day (for the next week, even!). The motions of all the sports are very realistic, and you really have to get up and move to do them all. The boxing was probably the best as far as activity goes, because you really have to throw those punches!

Child Friendly – 5 out of 5
If even the youngest (who lacks some coordination, I might add) can get into the games, then it’s child friendly to me. There’s constant positive reinforcement such as “Great job!” and “Way to go!” when you nail a perfect swing/hit/throw/whatever. Slight misses are often followed by a sympathetic “Awww!” from the crowd. Since this game uses the Wii Miis, it really gets the kids involved with their own personal characters.

Variety – 5 out of 5
Since there are several games which have various ways to play (and training as well), this game gets a top score for variety. I’ve found myself playing for hours doing different things just because I can. Tennis is a welcome break from golf, and baseball from bowling, or whatever combination you choose. When I turn it on, I can always find something I’d like to do, and so can the kids.

Addiction – 5 out of 5
The main reason Wii Sports gets a top score for addiction is the rating system and scores. You always want to beat your high score or get a better medal in training, or improve on your total score for each sport. The best part is the scores are YOUR scores, and it doesn’t care if you beat another Mii or not.

Additional Comments

This game comes with almost all Wiis on the market right now, and for good reason. It really does show off what the Wii is all about, and that’s family entertainment that gets you active. If you somehow got a Wii without this vital game, go out and buy it NOW! Even if you were never into sports like I was, this game will probably be the most entertaining and active game you’ll ever come across.

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