Wii Star Wars Review

Wii Star Wars Lego the Complete Saga
by Heidi Lovell
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Average Score:
4.29 out of 5
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This game really brings a different perspective to the galaxy far, far away straight to your living room. This game will entertain everyone even if they are not playing! Even when our kids were not playing they loved to watch what the crazy Lego characters did next.

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Fun Factor 5 out 5
This game will have you laughing from the start. It is full of slapstick comedy and quirky videos which are based on different Star Wars movies. However all the characters have been replaced with Legos who add their unique goofiness to the saga!

Family/Group Factor – 5 out of 5
You can work as a team or by yourself. We had some who wanted to play and some who liked to watch either way everyone involved had a blast. The only difficult part is deciding who will go where, because the screen at times did not know who to follow. This made some of the characters fall off cliffs and crevices, which may cause younger children to argue who should follow who.

Too Easy or Too Hard – 2 out of 5
The Controls take some time to get used to, but in the end you do not have to think about it at all. The younger kids seem to understand the controls much faster than the adults. Once you overcome the difficulty of the controls it really is a blast!

Activity Factor – 4 out of 5
Unlike the majority of Wii games, there was not an abundance of movement required. However we have found that if you stand while you play you will want to move around naturally.

Child Friendly – 4 out of 5
As far as violence goes this game is pretty mild due to the fact that the Lego characters fall apart into little pieces instead of dying. The game has some problem solving which may make it a challenge for younger children.

Variety – 5 out of 5
For those of us that were fans of the first Star Wars this game really hits the spot! Every section is based on a different movie which contains 6 levels full of secrets and bonuses to unlock making it worth playing each level more than once. In addition, after you have completed a level you can return and play the level as a different character and even change between characters during the level, making it an entirely new experience!

Addiction – 5 out of 5
All things considered this game is extremely addicting. With all the bonuses and hilarious secrets to find this game will have you laughing and exploring for hours!

Additional Comments
If you are a Star Wars or Lego fan this game is definitely for you and your family. Sit back and enjoy it or grab a remote and jump right in to a new world of action and comedy bundled up into one unforgettable package!

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