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Wii Mario Kart Review

Average Score:
4.00 out of 5

Wii Mario Kart Review
by Julie Miller
Nursing Notions

This is easily my family's favorite Wii game and the one that is now part of our New Year's Eve tradition with the invention of the Miller Mario Kart Cup. My family ages ranging from 40 to 3 love this game.

Fun Factor 5 out 5
With in seconds of picking your character and vehicle all the way until the end of the 4th race, you are having a blast.

Family/Group Factor - 5 out of 5
Even though the game doesn't have room for everyone in my family to play (we have 5 and up to 4 can play Mario Kart at a time) we still enjoy taking our turn at sitting out and watching the others. We usually have at least one race for the championship after my husband gets home from work. Everyone comes running from different rooms when we here "Mario Kart Wii"

Too Easy or Too Hard - 3 out of 5
We have the Wheels to place the remotes in and I think that makes it easier, especially for little ones. And it does take some getting used to how hard to steer into the turns and how to use your presents. It has taken our 3yo a good 6 months to really be able to play well.

Activity Factor - 2 out of 5
There isn't much activity involved with Mario Kart as some of the other games. Basically hold the wheel in your hands and making slight turning movements. If you are looking a good workout, this isn't the game to give it to you.

Child Friendly - 3 out of 5
While this game is a lot of fun, it can emphasize winning and losing and if a child has a hard time learning just how to handle the wheel, they could be hearing, "Oh no lose again" from certain characters a lot.

Variety - 5 out of 5
There are many different ways to play Mario Kart form the traditional races, to teams races, coin or balloon battles, motorcycles, etc. There is even an option to create your own rules for the races.

Addiction - 5 out of 5
As you get better and better at Mario Kart, you get new race courses unlocked, different characters, more vehicle options. If you get good enough, you can even unlocked an option to use your personal Mii as your driver.

Additional Comments

All in all Mario Kart is a great family game and worth the extra month spent on the additional remotes and wheels. In all the months that we have had this game, it has yet to not be played at least once a day.

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